Imagine a 30 foot plank of wood, 6 inches wide, on the ground.  If someone offered you $20 to walk the plank, you’d probably say yes!  It would seem easy right?
Now if we took that same plank and used it to bridge between 2 houses, 30 feet in the air, and offered you $20 to walk across – you’d probably say, heck NO!!!
However, if your child was on the other side of the plank, with flames licking at their feet, would you walk across the plank?  I’m guessing you’d say, without a doubt YES!

So what’s the difference between the first time you say No, and the second yes where you didn’t hesitate? 
What changed?  The risks were exactly the same.  But your reason for wanting to do it changed!  At the first no, your motivation for walking across the plank in the air wasn’t powerful enough?  However with your child in danger – you’d be willing to do just about anything.
So let’s examine the power of your WHY for growing your business?  Why are you spending time, money and energy working in your business?  What rewards/results are motivating you?
       Is it money
       Is it recognition
       Is it to _________________.
If your WHY isn’t powerful enough it wont’ propel you through
       Grueling day of prospects saying no
       Frustrations of figuring out technology
       Doubts and fears that raise their ugly heads
       Changing bad habits and instilling new ones
All of the HOW’s will be powerless until your WHY becomes powerful enough!   (Jim Rohn , “When the why gets stronger, the how gets easier.”)
When your WHY isn’t powerful enough to motivate you to LEAP, to make changes, to do things differently — then you’ll be like all the other business owners …. And revert back to mediocrity. 
That’s NOT what I want for you!
If you don’t have a powerful WHY, let’s figure out it out so that your HOW’s will become powerful!  A powerful WHY will support you as you work towards your goals; it will give you the fuel, the motivation to spring out of bed each morning with meaning and excitement;  and you’ll feel authentic as you create, design and sell your premium programs!
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