The itty bitty shitty committee (or your inner critic) often runs your life and your business!

Perhaps the Committee is your mom (or father) criticizing you; telling you that you’re not good enough’ or it’s your grandmother who raised you telling you that there are children starving in some country, so eat everything off your plate. 

All of your life’s experiences – everything that you heard, saw or witnessed has impacted your life (and now your business) in ways that you might not realize!
You’ve heard me say time and time again that mindset (emotional energy) is as important as business strategy to help you grow your biz.  If you are stuck in self-doubt or fear, it doesn’t matter if you are an awesome networker or master marketer!  You need the right mindset to grow.  You’ll need a success mindset; a millionaire mindset; an abundant mindset!
I want to highlight 5 critical entrepreneurial mindsets that are unhelpful! and how you might shift them!
1.     MONEY – Probably the biggest emotional block for women in business is around money.  Subconsciously we might think that (or even say) selling is hard;  I don’t want to be pushy/salesy.  I remember those exact thoughts! 
       Solution: As soon as I became aware that I was telling myself those stories, I was able to change the words in my head and create a new money affirmation.  It’s also critical to understand your money setpoint and create a re-frame. One way to address money and selling issues is to have a Premium Signature Offer where you focus on selling the RESULTS.  During SHIFT – the Money Event (September 28) we will dive deeper into this unhelpful mindset.
2.     FEAR OF BEING SEEN (JUDGED) – I see so many entrepreneurs hiding!  Hiding  behind their computers; hiding from networking; hiding from sharing their expertise in a big way.  Many don’t feel confident to step up and to ‘claim their expertise’!  You are the expert!  There is greatness within you. 
       Solution: To be successful, you have to be willing to shout from the rooftop that you are the expert!!!  Before your clients will see you as the expert, you have to acknowledge it yourself.  You have to become the leader in your head before you become a leader in real life!  Often entrepreneurs hide and one way to step out to be seen is to create a step-by-step marketing plan that is customized to you and your strengths.  This can often make us feel more confident.  Perhaps secretly you hate writing – then don’t write a blog; try doing a video! Act as if you are the leader!
3.     WORKING HARD = SUCCESS myth – Did you grow up in a family where working hard was the only way to reach success?  I certainly did.  What that created was the fact that I thought I needed to work really hard, long hours, in order to become successful.  However, it was a huge AHAA moment when I realized that wasn’t true.
       Solution:  Realize that you can work smarter, not harder!  You can become a millionaire or a 6-figure success.  But you have to make a decision about what you want!  Stop working harder –  creating boundaries for your work and business! 
4.     SELF-DOUBT – or I don’t deserve; I’m not good enough; I could never do what you do.  Ever heard your itty-bitty shitty committee say things like this?  I have and that’s why my word has been BELIEVE!  I needed to believe in myself.
       Solution:  Surround  yourself with a community that supports you; believes in your and hire a ‘cheerleader’ (a coach)!  Someone who believes in you; someone who builds you up; someone who sees your greatness more than you do!
5.     EMPLOYEE TO ENTREPRENEUR – Many of us have been employees in the corporate world!  The mindset of an employee is NOT the mindset of an entrepreneur.  It’s not your fault.  We grow up with parents who tell us what to do; we go to school where teachers tell us what to do; we enter the workplace and our bosses tell us what to do.  But as the boss in your own business, there is no one to tell you what to do!  You must be accountable
       Solution:  Once you become aware of your current mindset, you can then make the necessary changes to hold yourself accountable.  As a business owner, ask yourself daily – am I acting like the CEO of my business?  Would a CEO do this? I often hear clients tell me that one of the huge benefits of the Achiever’s Club is the accountability that it provides!  Who holds your feet to the fire?
Those are just a couple of the mindset challenges that I hear and see with the coaches, healers and consultants that I work with!  If one or more of those resonated with you – great!  It means you’re normal and that you can shift your mindset!
Just remember – be honest with yourself and learn to become aware of your mindset/emotional energy!



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