I’ve always loved gardening (and entrepreneurship).  Gardening allows me to get my hands dirty and to touch nature!  This past week I was listening to a gardener talk about her gardening business and it made me think about the similiarities between between entrepreneurship and gardening.
Here are 7 similarities…
1.     ROME WASN’t BUILT IN A DAY!  Growing both a successful business and a beautiful garden takes time.  Time for the seeds to be planted; nourished and then harvested.  From my experience, both small business owners and gardeners are impatient!!!  They want instant success! 
2.     A PLAN IS ESSENTIAL  The best gardeners draw out a plan — the location of the sun; buildings; walkways; the micro climates, tall plants versus short; colors and the list goes on.  And every year, gardeners revise the plan.
       Successful business owners create a plan; set goals and revise them.  Every 90 days they review their goals and compare their results!  Have you re-set your goals lately?
3.     ORGANIZATION & MAINTENANCE REQUIRED! Conscientious gardeners organize their tools and keep them in good working order.  It just makes things easier and in the long run, a time saver. The tools have a home in the gardening shed or garage so that they are easily accessible.  And if need be, they are updated and have regular maintenance.
       The same is true in your business.  Imagine operating a business today without a website, social media presence or a good computer?  And each and everyone needs to be well organized, and in good working order.  How frustrating is it to have a computer that fails or has a virus?
4.     COMMITMENT; MOTIVATION; HUSTLE!   Why does a gardener spend endless hours planning a garden; moving plants around; researching the best new plans; spending endless hours of weeding?  Because they LOVE IT!
       A successful business owner hustles; keeps making phone calls; keeps research; keeps learning!  She is driven by motivation; commitment.  What’s your WHY?  What will keep you going when times get tough?
5.     GROWTH HAS TO BE MONITORED!  Both our business and our gardens can sometimes get out of control and require some pruning.  Gardens can grow out of control with plants too large for their original location.  Businesses can often grow out of control too. 
In our business, we often need to prune things back to the bare basics!!  Have you built too many products or offerings?  Have you ever felt out of control?  Then it’s time to pare back and FOCUS on what you do well!  (Leave the bright shiny objects to the others!).
6.     DIVIDE AND CONQUER!  To grow, sometimes we have to give things away.  Perennials that have grown too big, require dividing and then giving away what you don’t need.  The same is true in your business – sometimes it’s time to ‘give away’ some of your activities. Delegating to a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, etc. allows you to spend time on what you do best!
7.     CHOSE CAREFULLY!  A master gardener is very selective of her plants!  She ensures that there is a good fit for each plant into the overall plan for the garden.  In your business, you also have the opportunity to choose your clients so that they are a good fit to work with you!  
Hope you will get to spend some time in your garden shortly!  For more information about the gardener who inspired this blog – check out Eunice Racicot (Ottawa).
Also check out a virtual networking group started by my friend Francine has started eNETWORKING CommuniTEA networking group.  It’s a great time to join this group while the membership fees are low (email francinerodrigue2206@gmail.com

Until next week — Be UNSTOPPABLE!

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