As many of you know, I’ve been a member of a mastermind for over three years!  Almost every Friday morning, I get on the phone with my guy friends and we share our successes and challenges.  Originally, there was another member of the group; however, he left he felt “that he never wanted to set goals because he could never achieve them”!  WOW.
It was unfortunate that this person didn’t realize that there’s actually 2 parts to setting goals!  The first is the strategic part – or the creation of the S.M.A.R.T. goals (strategic, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely).
The second element and perhaps even more important —   the emotional or mindset elements!
Today I’d like to share with you the ‘emotional’ elements around setting goals. 
1.     Set it and forget it! 
       Have you ever set a goal and become obsessed about achieving it?
       Have you ever stayed so focused on a goal that you stress about it?
When you stay attached to the outcome of your goal, and you stress about achieving that goal causes you to create impossibility!  You are actually changing your emotional state – your vibration which in turn keeps you from achieving your goals!
Setting your goal and then detaching from the outcome is the first step in actually achieving the goal.
Notice above,  I used the words above – desperate; obsessed.  When we are in these energy states, we no long match our goals.  We have to forget (detach from) the outcome and keep our energy vibration HIGH!!!
Let’s take a look at Sarah who wants to earn $5,000 a month.  She has set her goal; she has put a plan into place to achieve it; but every time she gets into a client enrolment conversation, her energy becomes one of desperation or anxiety that she so badly wants this new client that her energy actually turns off the prospect! 
2.     Manage your emotional frequency
Letting go of your anxiety, desperation, etc. and managing your emotional frequency will get you back into alignment with the energy of your goals!
 How can you raise that ‘energy frequency’?  Shifting your energy can happen quickly by giving yourself permission to be happy about something else.  Where can you focus your thoughts that will raise your energy?
I’ve often told the story of my daughter who would sit and visualize herself canoeing (being in her happy place).  She could feel the warmth of the sun on her face; hear the birds singing; hear the water as the paddle moved through it.  Smiling is another way to raise your vibration!  It actually changes the chemistry in your body!
3.     Know that your goals and dreams are inevitable!  
One of my Mastermind friends is so great at this!  He’s often sharing with us that he just believes that ‘it’s a done deal’!  OMG – yup!  We have to let go and trust the universe that our goals & dreams will actually happen (we don’t know when exactly).  However it’s that knowing that will allow them to be achieved!
For me, this whole process has been a difficult learning experience because I’m a ‘doer’!  However, gradually I’m learning that it’s more about who I am being (emotionally) rather than what I am doing. Perhaps these tips will help you!
The month of May is just beginning.  Let’s set some goals for the summer months.  And let’s BE the leader that your business needs.
If you’d like to participate in a supportive community where we set goals; work on mindset; and build lucrative & leveraged businesses, then perhaps you’d like to join The Achiever’s Club  (starting May 16).  Book a BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH SESSION with me by going to this link –
MORE ON GOAL SETTING in case you missed it:

Until next week — Be UNSTOPPABLE!

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