There’s an old story about traveler who passed by 3 stone cutters.  He asked the first stone cutter, “What are you doing?”  The first stone cutter replied rather nonchalantly, I’m cutting stone! (as if what else do you think I’m doing!)
The traveler asked the 2nd stone cutter the same question – What are you doing?  The 2nd stone cutter replied rather gruffly, I’m earning a living.
The traveler asked the 3rd stone cutter – What are you doing?  The 3rd stone cutter replied passionately, I’m building a cathedral!
My question to you is – what are you doing (with your business)?
Like the first stone cutter – are you simply the doer in your business, i.e. cutting stone; doing the bookkeeping; doing the coaching; doing the work with clients?
Or perhaps you’re like the 2nd stone cutter and you feel that you’re JUST earning a living?
However, I’m pretty sure that most of you have a BIG vision for your business; you’re actually building a cathedral!  If that’s the case then you’re the visionary – the CEO – and you want to impact the world in a much bigger way!  You want your work to have impact on others to help them better their lives!  You want your work to have a ripple effect in the world.  You want to leave a legacy by helping more people!
Then I’d like you to ask yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY…. EVERY SINGLE time you make a decision ….. Would a CEO spend time doing this activity?  Would a CEO attend this event?  Would a CEO get up early and spend time meditating, improving mindset, eating healthy, etc.? How would a CEO handle this decision?
The truth is that each of you is the CEO of your business!  You’re building a cathedral, not just cutting stone or earning a living! You are meant to change the world! 

Until next week — Be UNSTOPPABLE!

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