This week it will be June – the 6th month of 2018!  That means we are half way through the year.  Many of you might be asking yourself ….

  • Am I half way to reaching my 2018 goals? 
  • Do my goals need a revamp?
  • Do I need a course correction?
  • Do I need to schedule a planning day? 

Now while all of these are great questions,  I believe that there is a question that’s missing …. Are your goals aligned with your vision?
Vision … doesn’t that mean a vision board or something woowoo, the law of attraction and all that stuff!

NO.  A vision is a clear & concise painted picture that describes what your business and your life will look and feel like in 3 to 5 years from now.  It’s much more than a vision statement – it’s actually a detailed document.
AND It’s been my experience that MOST entrepreneurs are not clear on their vision for how they want their life and their business to look and feel in the future (you’ll be hearing more from me on this topic in the future).
A lack of a clear & concise VISION for your lifestyle & your business has some negative consequences for both you and your potential business growth. Perhaps the biggest problem is that a lack of direction leads to overwhelm while you are trying to push through the daily grind & hustle. Overwhelm because it seems as though you SHOULD be doing so many different things.  Heres’ what I mean!  Although my VISION document is about 3 pages long, my mission is to impact a million women to build lucrative and leveraged businesses.  So in order to impact that many women – I will have to do things on a larger scale, i.e. write a book; speak to larger crowds; create online courses.  My vision gives me direction to say yes to certain activities and to say no to others! It gives me direction in my decision making!

Without a clear vision, entrepreneurs tend to be short-sighted and get distracted by bright shiny objects! (See Roadblock #1 in SHIFT INTO RICH). 
It’s rather like getting in your car and heading out to an unknown address.  Along the way, you take wrong turns, waste time and may even get lost.  Even if you ask someone for directions, it’s pretty hard for them to help you because you don’t have that specific address.  And even if you had a GPS, there are unknown roadblocks, traffic, and construction detours. But without that address, it’s even hard for the GPS to give you course corrections!
So having a clear & concise VISION for your lifestyle and how your business is going to support that lifestyle …. Is HUGE!  It’s how you can stay focused.  It’s how you can stop wasting precious time.  And it’s what will keep you motivated on days when it’s tough to keep going!
This summer is the perfect time to escape from your office to create your lifestyle and business VISION!  Get out into nature; take a notepad and pen – yes, actually write out what the perfect day in your life and your business would look like.
It will be one of the BEST thing you’ve done for your business by far.  How do I know … I created my own vision several years ago and now I’m re-writing mine as we speak because I know that it will keep me focused on the activities that will make me happy and productive.  It’s also the first exercise that my private clients do!
Once your vision is done, I promise it will increase your productivity and help you keep a sense of balance and order in your life and business!
You can live your perfect day – every single day!
For more on this topic, you might want to check out:
Diana’s Youtube Channel (here)– Model 1, 2, 3 (Please be patient, these are still in draft mode but they’ll demonstrate the importance of a Vision, which of the 4 stages of Clarity you might find yourself in; and how a Vision relates to creating your Business Roadmap! 
Books on the subject:
Vivid Vision, Cameron Herold
The Perfect Day Formula, Craig Ballantyne

Until next week — Be UNSTOPPABLE!


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