Last week I shared with you WHY you gotta use testimonials more often!!!  They are so important.  And yet I know that we all procrastinate about creating them and using them!
However, if you’re good at what you do (which I know you are), then testimonials can act as your silent salesman!  It’s one of the most valuable pieces of content that you have for your customers.  Testimonials can take the form of case studies, client profiles, and your typical testimonial!
However, the challenge is that as business owners, we don’t always make the best use of these stories for a number of reasons.  We often feel that we are intruding or being pushy (and OMG, we can’t do that!).  Secondly, we don’t always ask for testimonials in a way that we actually get the testimonials!
Testimonials are important because they are:

  • Great forms of social proof
  • Positon you as an expert or authority
  • Help your prospects to like you
  • Edity your customers
  • Communicate vital information.

Here are 6 powerful questions that you can ask to get terrific testimonials:

1.     Who are you?
2.     What was life like before (your product/service)?
3.     What was the turning point moment?
4.     What is life like now after (your product/service)?
5.     What would life have been like if you didn’t have (your product/service)?
6.     Who would you recommend (your product/service) to and why?
1.  Who are you?
Here you want to get as specific as possible and ask the person giving the testimonial to include their name, position, company name and even website if you can. In fact, ideally, you want to ask for permission to use a photo or video of the person giving the testimonial (this makes them seem more real!).
Caution: Be aware of industry regulations for confidentiality, etc.
2.  What was life like before they used your product/service?
This works best if the testimonial outlines a specific problem – i.e. I was buying clothes that didn’t suit me and that I never wore; OR “I’ve attended many events and I never walked away with anything I could implement.
3.     What was the turning point moment for them?
This is usually preceded by a low point. This is where the client finally drew the line in the sand and decided to hire you!
4.     What is life like now after using your product/service?
This is where you want to cover the specifics as to how they relate to your product and then explore the ripple effect – what that has meant for your family, or impact on your life or take that dream holiday to Africa, etc.  What has it meant for your team; your customers.
During this part of the testimonial its important to get specific outcomes or results.  Such as:

  • Increased number of sales because of learning your sales process
  • $$$ amount they have saved, increased, or raised
  • specific time they have saved
  • specific things they can do now that they couldn’t do before

5.     What would life have been like if they didn’t use/have your product/service?
By looking at where they’d be without your product/service, this paints a compelling picture for new prospects and makes a sharp contrast between where they are now and where they might be if they hadn’t made the change.
6.     Who would they recommend (your product/service)?
Always ask who they think would benefit from your product/service – ideally they will mention people who fit your ideal audience.  This provides a strong recommendation for those prospects viewing your testimonials to see that others think it would be right for them!
There – 6 powerful questions to ask to get terrific testimonials!   Here’s a bonus tip …. Create a page of testimonials in pdf form.  It’s great to have on hand to send to prospects.  But it’s also a great ‘confidence booster’ when you’re having a bad day and doubting your abilities!
I challenge you to get ONE new testimonial this week!.


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