For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been sharing how to include effective testimonials in your marketing.  This week, I’d like to share some interesting strategies to add more credibility to your marketing from a podcast I listened to!
Regarding social proof  and testimonials, a word of caution.  Take time to ensure that your particular industry or association doesn’t have restrictions against using testimonials – i.e. sharing names, etc.
3 Key Ways to gain instant credibility:
1.     We can toot our own horn!!!  This particular strategy is worth exploring however we do have to be careful to use it sparingly! For instance, it’s okay to boast a little!  You’ll often hear me say …. ‘in the 30+ years I’ve been an entrepreneur….’  That implies some credibility.  What could you say?
2.     Someone else can say how good you are – As I’ve shared previously, testimonials are one great way to provide social proof.  However consider these other ways such as including numbers/results, ask for google review – google my business; google map; websites, FB business pages; sharing your business awards (especially those that answer main objections); accreditation or association members (CPA); media mentions – featured Forbes, etc.; social media screen shots of what someone says on social media; who you have worked with i.e. over 200 businesses since ….. this can imply trust; case studies without a person’s name – more in depth – more details how you have helped someone.
3.     We can show how good we are by such things as writing articles (magazines); podcasts; videos; demonstrations or workshops; open houses; taste test or sampling or trial memberships.
Of these numerous strategies, I challenge you PICK one or two to implement to increase the social proof in your marketing!

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PS.  So excited – next week I’ll be announcing something brand NEW for you!!!

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