I know you’re busy  … the kids are finishing school and there’s always a lot going on during that transition period.  Many of you are also planning your summer vacation.  But I’m hoping you’ll get a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of wine and give this email some thought.
You see … I want to serve you better.  I want to know what you need more of; what you want less of; and how you’d like it delivered to you!
With that in mind, I’d love for you to help me by simply hitting reply to this email.
Then in the subject line or in the body of the text:
I.     Simply write the letter of how you prefer your content    delivered
              A. audio       B.blog     C. video       d. FB live      

II.      Choose 5 top areas where you want the most help (consider the areas that you think would have the biggest impact on your business and for goodness sake, if I’ve missed something – let me know!)

  1. marketing message
  2. branding
  3. unique positioning
  4. lead magnets
  5. website
  6. fb live how to
  7. networking
  8. testimonials
  9. speaking
  10. follow up
  11. social media
  12. marketing schedules
  13. target market
  14. niche
  15. business metrics
  16. customer life time value
  17. customer acquisition cost
  18. nurturing relationships
  19. sales conversations
  20. sales objections
  21. sales conversion rates
  22. easily asking for a sale
  23. money limiting beliefs
  24. organizational/admin
  25. time management
  26. planning
  27. make more money
  28. work less
  29. work smarter, not harder
  30. simplify your business
  31. amplify your results
  32. attract more clients
  33. work life balance
  34. signature program
  35. pricing your programs
  36. predicting profitability
  37. leveraging
  38. delegating
  39. hiring
  40. CRA – consistently right activity for your stage of business growth
  41. CEO mindset
  42. Business systems
  43. Goal setting
  44. Confidence/belief
  45. I would participate free masterclasses; webinars
  46. I attend your live events 
  47. I would participate in Cdn adventure retreats (with work)
  48. I would participate in spa retreats (with work)
  49. I would participate in far away exotic retreats (with work)
  50. How to successfully run a predictably profitable 6-figure business

Wow – I know there’s a lot of topics listed and of course, I could write on all of them HOWEVER what’s your MOST pressing challenge — where do you think you need the help most?
If you could have help on just 5 – what would they be?

I’m so grateful for your help!

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