As the year ends, I always take this week to reflect on my business (and life).  And what a year it’s been…

  • The emotional roller coaster of COVID
  • A trip to a remote fishing lodge 20 mins from Yellowknife
  • Having my kids close by
  • Husband retiring
  • Husband purchasing not one but 2 boats to refurbish
  • Having blood clots in both lungs
  • Slowing down to recuperate…

And yet, having the best year ever in my business!!!  Both from a profit and earnings standpoint and from working less standpoint #worklessearnmore!

Here are the essentials that I will take from this year into 2022:

1.  Continue to talk about results, results, results! (#worklessearnmore)

2.  Be downright unapologetically authentic – I promise to shamelessly tell the world that I’m really, really great at strategy! (What are you great at?)

3.  Drill down and spend the majority of my time in my superpower (mine is teaching strategies for business owners).

4.  Build my reputation as an authority about how I help consultants and experts GROW their businesses. (What’s your authority positioning?)

5.  Differentiate myself in the marketplace by using different language (Instead of calling myself a business or marketing strategist, something very common, I’m using Biz GROW Master). (How will you differentiate yourself and stand out in your industry?)

6.  Give myself permission to let go to grow (this year I let go of my group programs and had the best year yet). What will you let go of?

7.  Say no to non-dream clients and opportunities that don’t fit my vision for my life and my business. (YES, you can say NO)

8.  Speak to one to attract many (what I mean is that as I’m writing or speaking, I’m actually imagining that I’m sitting at my kitchen table having a chat with my friend, Sara – Sara is my ‘dream client’!!) Who is your dream client?

9.  Set my team up for success (explain, expect, examine). (Will you be growing your team in 2022?)

10.  Profit is sanity; sales are vanity (I’m going to focus more on PROFIT).

11.  Delegate my bookkeeping but never abdicate the responsibility.

12.  Don’t be seen as a low-ticket brand. (I’m building a ‘boutique’ style business versus a mass market coaching business – what about you?)

13.  Share my setback story all the way to the bank. (Do you have a setback story or a victory you need to share?)

14.  Continue to let go of the ‘need’ to sell – (Remember the mantra – I want everything for you and nothing from you!)

15.  Build a roadmap and be okay with tweaking it over and over again to achieve my results/goals (Reminder – it’s not the goal that changes but you may change HOW you reach your goal).

16.  Focus on customer needs and wants (ask them).

17.  Stop wasting money and time on ‘big branding’ (I don’t really need a logo!)

18.  Remind myself that I get to choose – how I want to live my life & build my business.

19.  Done is better than none. I’ll stop procrastinating when I get a niggle about hints for my business and my life!

20.  Do something today that I’ll be proud of tomorrow!

21.  Success belongs to those who dare. (What will you dare to do in 2022? I’m going to launch a podcast!)

22.  Self-care isn’t being lazy. If I’m not in good health, then I can’t help anyone.  I’m going to spend more time on self-care!  What about you?

Those are my reflections … I’m grateful for each and every one of them!

I feel blessed that you have been reading this blog!

Wishing you an EPIC 2022!


P.S.   I’m curious, what lessons will you take into 2022?

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