The success of your marketing plan is really based on one thing – implementation.

You see marketing plans come and go.  Some are successful – others not so much. You can build an elaborate marketing plan (or have one built for you) or a simple one but, either way, its success is related to whether it’s actually implemented or not.  Too often business owners have great intentions when building their marketing plan but then don’t follow through – could that be you? (It was me!!)

Last week, I shared how to avoid costly marketing mistakes by having a marketing plan with 7 key essential elements.

But does having a marketing plan guarantee success that you’ll Get Known as the undeniable authority in your field?

Of course not!

While you might have good intentions to actually implement your marketing plan, I can tell you what most business owners do with their marketing plans – the majority of business owners don’t implement their plans!!!  They either put the plans away in a drawer or they never actually stay accountable to their plans.

I’ve been guilty of this as well in the past.  Perhaps you were a little like me.  December or January rolls around and everyone is talking about ‘planning’, right?  You’d have to be hiding in a rabbit hole not to see the ads on social media or the emails about creating your plan for the New Year.  And truthfully, I bought into those sessions.  I’d sign up and spend time creating a beautiful plan and then… it never got implemented.


Most marketing plans don’t get implemented because:

1.  The action items seem like BIG projects instead of being broken down into small actionable tasks. When action items seem too big or overwhelming, we procrastinate and don’t get them done.

Let’s take a common project … creating a new lead magnet for my website.  That seems like a big project and very overwhelming.  Instead, what if it was broken down into smaller steps, i.e:

  1. brainstorm small problems my clients want solved
  2. choose a problem
  3. outline a high-level solution
  4. outline my lead magnet
  5. write the introduction to my lead magnet
  6. write the body of my lead magnet
  7. write the conclusion…
  8. edit the lead magnet
  9. send to my VA
  10. review the lead magnet
  11. have VA upload and test lead magnet

Breaking down action items into smaller, achievable tasks that have specific completion dates seems much more doable and is much more likely to be implemented.

2.  Many marketing plans are often not built with regular check ins or milestones for tracking results so it’s easy for business owners to put the implementation to the bottom of their To-Do list!

If you’re anything like a lot of my clients, your days are filled with daily crisis and activities that are seemingly much more important than implementing a marketing plan!  However, having regular check ins and tracking systems make implementing a marketing plan much easier.

3.  We all have good intentions but as the owners of our businesses, who keeps us accountable? Often no one.  Entrepreneurs are a creative bunch, and we are easily distracted – I don’t have to tell you about bright shiny object syndrome!!

So even though I’ve shared with you the essential elements of a marketing plan to Get Known, you may be having trouble implementing your plan.

That’s why I created the 12-month group program entitled GROW Accelerator Network!  This program was specifically designed to ensure that not only do you create your Get Known Marketing Plan but that you actually implement it!!!

Because we meet monthly as a group you have both regular check ins and accountability to the plan you created!  Together, we help you stay on track for your 90-day plan and if the plan needs adjusting (you’ll know because you’re monitoring it regularly), we help you adjust.

With my feedback and the accountability of the group, GROW Accelerator Network has been instrumental in helping several business owners implement their Get Known marketing plan and start achieving the results & goals they set for themselves earlier this year!

Since we are halfway through the year, on July 7, we will meet face to face for a live ‘retreat’ style update to everyone’s marketing plan.  This is your opportunity to join this group of smart entrepreneurs.

You have 3 options:

  1. Keep doing what you’ve always done – which means you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten. If you’re happy with that – awesome.
  2. Join us for the day to create your marketing plan for the rest of 2022 (register here for Profit Day).
  3. Join us for the year and not only create your marketing plan but monitor it and stay accountable (register here).

During this day-long profit-oriented day, you’ll

  • Follow the same framework that 6 & 7-figure business owners use to build their ‘profit plan’ for ample unplugged time-off
  • Create your profit plan based on your one core offer saving you tons of time
  • Understand YOUR key metrics for your business (special guest)
  • Learn how to read a financial statement (special guest)
  • Be surrounded and supported by other like-minded business owners
  • Get the accountability you need to stay focused so you can actually implement your plan
  • Grow more confident that chaos, overwhelm and distraction can become a thing of the past!

Join us for an unforgettable day!

You Can Do This!

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