Early in my coaching business, I made a BIG mistake.  I didn’t prepare for my summer vacation…

Don’t get me wrong – I put the dates on the calendar early in the year. I organized the dog sitter.  I got my kids organized for our camping trip.  We packed the car and off we went.

Here’s my mistake… I made the mistake of thinking that everyone in my industry was going on vacation, and I didn’t have to do sales or marketing in my business during the summer.

So, I didn’t create a strategy or a plan for how my business could continue to grow while I was on my camping trip.

What happened was that I came back from vacation to realize that my prospects had bought into programs that others launched while I was on vacation.  I didn’t have a plan in place to keep my momentum going.  I let it fizzle out and I lost out.

Lesson learned.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you!

So here 3 parts of my strategy that drives revenue all summer, even when I’m camping (or this year heading to Nova Scotia).

So, let’s not kid ourselves – we all need vacations!  We need to refresh, replenish and recharge!  But we also need to keep driving revenue growth.  That’s why we need a total GROW ecosystem which involves these 3 elements:

1.  Profit Planning System

Summer planning is part of my overall annual profit planning system.

This past year, I ran a program called GROW Accelerator Network (soon to be renamed Profit Lab).  It’s a yearlong planning system where we meet monthly to create our plan, then continuously adjust how we might achieve our goals.  Every business needs a planning system to be successful.

Not only do we plan from a high level (10,000 feet) with big or major events and overarching goals including what needs to be set up for the rest of the year, but we get down and dirty into revenue targets, product offers, launches and knowing your numbers.

Planning for your vacation IN ADVANCE is the first step to having a stress-free vacation while still driving growth.

What could you map out in your business to keep your business moving forward?

While you might not want to launch a new offer (program, product, or service) during your vacation, perhaps you might start the nurture sequence for an offer that you’ll launch upon your return from vacation?

2.  Freedom Roadmap

A Freedom Roadmap is how you create YOUR freedom in your business.  It’s about your team and your systems.

With respect to summer or vacations, what could you delegate to your rock star team so you can have more time off AND continue to drive revenue?

Can emails, newsletters, podcast episodes and other communication be pre-written, pre-scheduled, or re-purposed so you can lessen the workload later?

Are there new systems you could put in place in advance of you are going on vacation that would free up time?  Perhaps these systems could remain even after you return?

What team members could take more responsibility?  Could team members be ‘cross-trained’ to cover vacations and fill in the gaps?

What shifts could you make in your business to free up more of your time?

3.  Authority Visibility Blueprint

You are a subject matter expert but is your reputation built on being the undeniable authority in your industry?  Or are you unknown, unheard, unseen?

Before you go on vacation perhaps it’s time to review…

  • Are all my marketing efforts producing the dream clients that I want?
  • Are ideal prospects reaching out to work with me based on the marketing that I’m already doing?

If not – then perhaps before you go on vacation, it’s time to STOP what’s not working!!!  Yes – stop it.  Save time, money, and frustration.  It’s okay to let go of something that isn’t working.

If yes – then it’s the PERFECT time to double down on those types of marketing that are working.

The #1 job of your marketing is to bring you dream clients – if it’s not, then it’s NOT working and it’s time to re-adjust.

Okay – there you have it – your GROW ecosystem to drive revenue all summer even when you might be camping or at the beach.

Here’s what I know and perhaps you’ve noticed this… this whole ecosystem will benefit you not just during the summer, but it could be your new normal! 

Imagine doing less, better – all year long.

The same profit planning system, freedom roadmap and visibility blueprint that you use during the summer are the same that will help you grow and scale your business without the hustle all year long.

What will you change?


P.S. You’ll note that this was sent to you while I was away on vacation!

P.P.S.  This week’s podcast (here) was actually recorded in June!

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