Is your business running you OR are you running your business?  Did you start your own small business so you could be your own boss?  So you could have freedom?  So you could make a difference?  So you could have the lifestyle you always wanted? 

BUT what happened …. you seem to be running here & there; wearing all the hats; putting out fires; and putting on bandaids!  If that’s you – that’s okay because that’s normal.  True – I know from personal experience what it’s like to own & run a small business!  When I started my retail store, I wanted to make people happy.  Who knew about government forms; employee scheduling; sales goals; marketing options, etc. etc. etc.

Get 'in-charge' of your business systems!

Get ‘in-charge’ of your business systems!

Here’s a tip to get back the life you wanted … spend 10-15 minutes a day & put some systems in place so that some of these things can be either delegated, automated, combined, etc.  Sounds easy right?  Well, perhaps it’s time to step back – take a good hard look at your business and create those systems.  They may take a little time to implement – but once they are in place — things WILL get easier. 

Here’s one of my favorite systems for follow-up … it’s called SendOutCards.  You can automate follow-up; birthday cards; special events; and even holiday cards etc.  You will be seen as a hero because you remembered to do it all but really – the system remembered! (For more information).

Be sure you are running your business and get back the lifestyle you truly deserve! 


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