This week I launched  G.P.S. Summer Momentum Club, an exclusive 90-day accountability club for those who want to ENJOY summer and still GROW their biz.  Now whether you become a member of this club or not, that’s okay, but I thought I would address some questions that entrepreneurs might have about joining a mastermind program like this! 

What are the benefits of joining an accountability or mastermind program? I can speak from personal experience!  I currently belong to a mastermind group where we weekly share our successes & challenges.  Not only does membership in a group like this strongly encourage you to set small achievable goals, the positive energy also inspires you to accomplish more.  When you have challenges, the group is there to boost you up and to help you find solutions for those challenges.  Being in a group with success-minded entrepreneurs, ‘ups’ your game!

Why would you join a program in the summer, when you want to actually work less?  Great question!  You want to work less but I’m guessing that you don’t want your business to DO less.  In this program, we will work on “working less and achieving more” by focusing on your MBFYB activities (Most Bang For Your Buck Activities).  In the Summer Momentum Club, you will get focused  private coaching to start your 90-days.  During this coaching session, we will create YOUR 90-day plan and actions; brainstorm about your challenges and solutions so that you can focus on ONLY those activities which will give you the best return on investment.  Combined that with a few new success habits – you will work less and earn more than ever this summer!

What if you are planning on going on vacation – how will you participate?  The twice-a-month webinars will be recorded and immediately sent to you so that you download them and listen at your convenience.  In fact, I’m going on vacation also and I plan to host the webinar while on vacation (perhaps from our boat)!  And because we are going to work more productively this summer, you will go on vacation without feeling guilty that you’ve left your business for a short period of time.

You are concerned that you are just launching your biz (or just re-launching).  Is this an appropriate program?  Because this program is based on YOUR goals; it’s appropriate for any business no matter what stage you are at.  I know that if you are launching or re-launching, you have LOTS of things to do and setting attainable goals and reaching them will give you a huge sense of success!

You think that everyone in your target market is going on vacation this summer – so why would this be a good program for you?  If EVERYONE in your target market is going away on vacation this summer, are they all going on vacation at the same time?  I doubt it!  There are lots of people who don’t vacation in the summer!  Another question, I would ask you is — what else is there in your business that you could focus on this summer?  Improving your speaking skills?  Writing a new ebooklet? Creating a new program for fall launch?  Finishing that project you keep putting on the back burner?  If you are an entrepreneur, your creative juices have just jump started and now you can think of lots of things you’d like to accomplish this summer.

My final recommendation …. do something today that your future self will thank you for!  Join the G.P.S. Summer Momentum Club. Everything you learn this summer can be applied to everything in your business.  (As Suzanne Evans says in the title of her book — “The way you do anything is the way you do everything”). It’s how you are going to set yourself up for future profitability, productivity and freedom!  And in the end, isn’t that what you want!  Go now – join – be part of the Club!

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