That’s right …. do you have a plan?  Or are you like hundreds of other small business owners & professionals who are leaving their summer growth to …. LADY LUCK?

Believe me – you can take time off from your business during the summer; go on vacation, and still GROW your business.  I know because this summer I’m going on one week’s holiday to Calgary; then 2-3 weeks boating; then a fall cruise …. and in the meantime, I’m selling my home and buying a new one.

HOW DO I DO IT?  It’s called f-o-c-u-s.  That’s right.  Focus gives you clarity, and then ultimately a plan so that you have the free time to do what you want!  In my case, this summer I will focus on those connections I’ve made over the winter; I have a written plan; and of course, I have a coach who keeps me accountable.


When you don’t have focus, you tend to:

  • spend your day busy but not productive, usually skipping from one task to another
  • work on one project for an hour or so; then skip to the next and never really seem to get anything accomplished
  • lack incoming cash because you forgot to do your marketing to remind your clients that you are still in business during the summer
  • lose momentum in your business over the summer and end up having to reeve up again in the fall (and by then you feel that you’ll NEVER reach those Desired Results and you get discouraged)
  • feel guilty when you’re working because you’re thinking you should be outside during the gorgeous weather.

Sound familiar?  But what if you could avoid all of the above?  What if you could get some help to have focus?  a plan? to stay on track? 

I want to help you … so for a limited time, I’m offering a FOCUS STRATEGY SESSION at a summer deal price!!!  Click here.  (I mean really — at $47 – who wouldn’t want some clarity, some freedom, continued momentum?)

Then you’ll be able to:

  • have a summer with money in the bank
  • be productive not just busy
  • maintain the momentum you started so that by fall you’ll be on track to achieve those Desiredd Results you want so badly
  • enjoy the summer weather without feeling guilty because you have to work long hard hours
  • prioritize your marketing efforts so that you DRIVE customers to your door and won’t be cash strapped!

Click here for your Summer FOCUS Strategy Session (offer good until July 10; although you can book the time up to August 31!)  GET FOCUSSED & enjoy your summer!

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