I love planning and organizing! In fact, I have learned to build successful businesses by making planning and organizing fun.  However, I do understand that those 2 words often make business owners shake in their boots. For many creative & heart-centered entrepreneurs, planning & organizing isn’t fun and they don’t like to do it!  So I get it.  There are lots of things in this world that we know we should do (like eating broccoli) but they are a little hard to swallow.  However, there is a way to make them more palatable.

 Sometimes the things that we don't like are exactly what we need!

Sometimes the things that we don’t like are exactly what we need!

My daughter hated broccoli as a child!  So, I often served it with cheese sauce and then the broccoli seemed to easily disappear from her plate.  So how can I make planning & organizing your business (especially your finances) easier to swallow?  I thought I’d tell you about some cheese sauces.

Okay – what does this cheese sauce look like?  If you are a cook, you know that there are many types of cheese sauces – each one specific to what it’s covering.  In business,  my favourite way to keep track of leads is in a SYSTEM or a CRM (customer relationship management tool) – fancy words for a computer program that keeps things organized.  I use a very inexpensive one entitled “Less Annoying”. It’s Less Annoying because it’s simple and cost effective! I no longer have a pile of business cards on my desk. Less Annoying is one of my ‘cheese sauces’.

So what kind of cheese sauce do you have for follow-up or keeping in touch?  Do you have a system — a planned approach? If you don’t you are probably letting valuable leads fall through the cracks and missing out on potential business. I use Mail Chimp to help me stay in touch with those leads that I have generated.  It also helps me program & systematize sending out my newsletter & blogs.  Cheese sauce – easy to use and easy on the pocket book.

Speaking of pocket book?  Probably the biggest thing that women entrepreneur’s choke on is their numbers including their sales conversations and finances.  Almost weekly, I meet a woman business owner who doesn’t SPECIFICALLY know how much profit she makes annually, monthly or weekly.  Often she doesn’t know how many customers it takes for her to turn a profit.  Or even how many sales conversations it takes to turn leads into a customer.  It makes me sad because most of these women are working so darn hard!  They are struggling to keep their head above water but if they just had a little organizing & a little planning in their business – they’d be so much happier (and so much more profitable).

So I’m offering up some cheese sauce for this hard to swallow broccoli.  I’m passionate about helping as many women as possible build profitable businesses.   So November 6, I’m going to help make the whole idea of money & profit easier to swallow.  Join me for a day of fun, inspiration, and ACTION.  You’ll learn how to love money; how to track money and how to build a plan for profit!  

Check out PROSPER here.  Save the Date on your calendar now.  Invest in yourself & your business today by getting your ticket!   Now – eat your broccoli & cheese — please!

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