I recently re-read “Smart Women Finish Rich” by David Bach and it inspired me to write about some simple strategies that we can each do in our lives as we travel down the road to prosperity (and greater wealth).  If you come up with more than 10 — send me an email!  I’d love to share your thoughts.

So here they are — 10 commandments that you could incorporate into your life & business to help you achieve greater wealth & prosperity.

  1. Don’t accept less than you are worth!  Now to me that’s a HUGE statement and I’m sure we could write a book on that topic.  But, let’s just think about it for a moment — if you are a business owner is your pricing set below what you are worth?  In life, are you allowing others to diminish what you are worth?  
  2. Start your own business. If you are reading this blog, you probably already have your own business or are on your way to building a business.  If you aren’t wealthy yet, not to worry; at least you are on the right path! Every successful individual has built their own empire!
  3. Focus on being the go-to-gal! I believe that each of you is special and unique (you might not see it yet).  But you are!  You just need to be …. that go-to-gal.  Whether it’s changing women’s lives because you help them get their hormones under control; whether you provide pain relief using your unique skills; or whether you give them peace of mind by helping them figure out their retirement plan — you are unique.  So use your unique skills and talk about that skill.  (i.e. although I’m a marketing mentor & speaker — my uniqueness is being very organized and ‘no b.s.’ — so I’m the go-to-gal for results-driven marketing)
  4. Keep your overhead under control.  I believe that this applies both to business & life.  Are you watching your expenses and keeping them in line?  Or do you avoid money issues all together?  I’ve seen very smart business owners keep track of their income but ignore their expenses!
  5. Delegate!  Ooooo.  This is a hard one for most entrepreneurs (including myself).  We started our businesses ourselves; we love ‘control’; and it’s often difficult to pass that control onto someone else.  But truthfully, no successful person has made it on their own.  They’ve built a support team and they delegate everything but the essentials.  As a small business owner, learning to delegate everything but revenue generating activities can be a huge paradigm shift that leads to huge business acceleration.
  6. Find a purpose greater than yourself!  Taking the time to delve into your ‘why’ often leads to shifts in your business that you could not imagine.  WHY you ask?  People love to hear the underlying reason for your business as it allows them to be part of a bigger good and it gives them some understanding about your personal values.  It’s about the emotional connection.  (For instance, when I started talking about my mission to help ONE million women build profitable businesses so that they can lead the life they desire — women connected; they understood why I was passionate).
  7. Live your life with no regrets. I recently participated in an exercise I thought I would share with you.  Imagine that you have been told that you only have one year to live.  Although you have a disease with no cure, you will have no pain.  You have all the money you need.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  Write a list of 30 things that you would like to achieve.  Next and only after the first list is completed, imagine now that you have only 24 hours to live.  WHAT would you do?  Make a list!  Then ask yourself — why are you waiting to attempt/complete those things on your bucket list?  Live your life with no regrets — live every day as if it were your last!
  8. Get up early.  I agree – there is such peace & calm in those early hours.  Hours that you can have to yourself; whether it’s to exercise, journal, or think, it is the best time of the day.  Now my caveat to this ‘commandment’ is — reduce or eliminate your television watching.  I usually recommend that you spend one week and add up the hours you watch television (or fall down the black hole of Facebook).  Imagine how much better you could make your life/business by spending those hours more productively.
  9. Do your best.  Whether you are the CEO of your company, a salesman, or a street sweeper, each job is a contribution to the greater good of society.  Why not do it to the very best of your ability?  Make a commitment to be your best and to do your best!
  10. Be grateful. Having an attitude of gratitude makes the whole world look very different and it contributes to the much needed positivity in this world (because you can’t have a negative mindset while expressing gratitude.)  As many of you who know me, I believe that expressing gratitude is a great marketing strategy that every business owner should incorporate.  

There — ten commandments for greater wealth.  Would your life (or business) change if you applied these commandments with commitment & passion? What other commandments would you offer to those seeking greater wealth or prosperity?  I’m sure you have some thoughts – send me an email or share on Facebook!  

For those of you looking to discover ways to accelerate your business profits — join me at PROSPER on November 6. Not only will I be sharing some great tools & strategies but watch for more information on our keynote speaker, Deborah Macdonald; as well as all of our sponsors!  I’m sooooo excited.  See you there!

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