Do you set goals for yourself or your business?  Without goals you are like a mountain climber without a map, a championship hockey team without a playbook, or the driver of a car without a steering wheel!  In other words, you are severely limiting yourself by NOT having goals.

I hear many business owners give excuses why they don’t want to set goals — you’ve probably heard most of them.  But without a clear vision of what we want, we have little hope of creating it.  Without a clear target, we don’t know whether we are advancing or retreating.  Stating our goals allows us to bring all our resources together to bridge the gap between our present position and our DESIRED RESULT.

Here are 7 steps to becoming a ‘star’ Goal-Achiever!!!

1.   Believe you can have what you want.  BELIEVE – that is the key.  Successful goal achievers believe not only in themselves but in their success.  They listen less to their negative inner critic voice (and limiting beliefs) and more to their INNER WISE WOMAN.  It’s your choice — choose to live in a world where it is possible for you to reach your goals.

2.   DREAM BIG.  Since it’s true that you can have anything you want; why not dream bigger? It takes just as much effort to shoot for something realistic as it does for something that’s a little outside of your comfort zone.  Embrace BIGGER!

3.  PASSION.  If you aren’t 100% in love with a goal, stop and evaluate whether or not it’s actually your goal.  Our true passion fills us with energy, inspires others and sometimes even keeps us up at night because we are so excited about it.  Check in with your goals – if they don’t fill you up this way, perhaps they aren’t really your goals but someone else’s.

4. WRITE your goals.  Writing our your goals and your DESIRED RESULTS helps us gain clarity and vision.  And if you share them with someone else – it gives your goals real power!

5. VISUALIZE yourself achieving your goal.  Close your eyes and create a ‘movie in your mind’ about what it will look like when you achieve your goal.  How do you feel that you have achieved it?  Spend time each day to read your goal and to visualize it coming true!

6.  EAT your elephant one bite at a time.  That’s right — break your macro/big goals down into bite size action steps and give yourself deadlines to accomplish the goal.  When I’m working with clients, I recommend setting only 3 (marketing) goals each 90-days.  However each macro goal is broken down into several smaller steps.  It’s easier to see progress that way.

7.  ACCOUNTABILITY.  There is amazing power in sharing your goals with someone and reporting consistently on your progress!  Whether this person is part of a mentoring group with you; a friend or a partner, it’s an essential part in getting more of what you want.

If you’d like some help with any of these steps, please reach out to me and schedule a Business Breakthrough Session.  Or if you are in the Montreal area, be sure to attend PROSPER for more about how to reach prosperity!  You deserve to grow, prosper & shine!

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