Just those words — slimy car salesman — don’t they bring up a vivid picture!  Does it make your skin crawl?  I’m sure it brings up negative emotion!

Okay.  Now when I say the words …. marketing.  How do you feel? What emotions come to mind?  Do you feel overwhelmed? Confused? Do you hate marketing?  Does it make you feel like a slimy car salesman?

I hope not!!! Because marketing is the engine that drives your sales.  It’s the number ONE business skill that you need to learn to make your business wildly profitable.  And, not only do you need to MASTER marketing, you also need to spend time implementing!  That means when you want to grow your business,  you’ll need to be spending the majority of your time … marketing!!!

Spending time working ON your business is often a hard pill for first time business owners to swallow.  They often say … well, I didn’t start my business to learn about marketing or to implement marketing strategies.  However, I bet that you did start your business to help lots of people.  You can only do that if you market your business.

Rest assured — there are ways to do your marketing that won’t make you feel like a slimy car salesman.  There are ways to get out there and SHARE what you do really, really well.  Just remember — if you knew you had the cure to cancer, you would share it!  When you love a movie or a good restaurant, you share it!  I want you to love marketing so that you can share about your business in a way that is meaningful.

 Reach out and learn as much about marketing as you can!  One way is to click here and get your ticket for GROW where you’ll learn now to rev up that marketing engine! See you there!

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