Over the years, I’ve met hundreds, if not thousands, of women entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners.  Many of them struggling to get more clients or have more time freedom.  From those that I’ve met, I created these 4 avatars — perhaps you’ll find a little of yourself in one or two!

Brenda’s been in business for 5 years or so (maybe longer).  She’s got lots of clients; but each year after tax season, she realizes that she’s been working really, really hard but not making much money.  And she certainly doesn’t have time for the travelling she would love to do.  You see Burnt-Out Brenda works with every prospect that comes along; her prices are low and everyone wants her service.  However, it doesn’t leave her enough profit or free time.  (The answer — if Brenda changed her pricing/programs to work with those people who would gladly pay her well, she could work less and make more money.  It is possible!)

As a passionate soul wanting to help everyone, Certified Carol ventures out and gets her ‘certification’ (naturopath, massage therapy, real estate)!  She’s so excited that she hires someone to build a website, and other marketing material.  And then she waits but nothing happens.  Certified Carol suddenly realizes that customers don’t fall from heaven and she has a lot to learn about marketing & sales. In fact, she’s been doing it backwards!  She needs to focus on a niche (target market) and create an OMG money-making message before she decides on her marketing methods!

Delegate Debbie wears all the hats in her business.  She does it all — customer service, sales, bookkeeping, social media, etc.  Her business suffers from feast & famine sales cycle because she doesn’t have the time to make marketing a priority.  However, once she puts marketing on the front burner, then her sales cycle will even out and she’ll have regular, predictable, sustainable income!  When her income evens out, then Debbie can start delegating so that she has even more time for marketing!

You’ve met Lizzy before at a networking event.  You ask her what she does and she says she “works with women in transition”.  As you dig a little deeper, she says she teaches yoga; she does reiki and she’s a life coach.  She rummages in her purse for 3-4 different business cards.  You feel sorry for Lizzy because she is struggling in her business because no one really understands what she does. Lizzy would be better off focusing her energy, time & money on one ‘bread & butter’ business and becoming a perceived expert in that field!  A perceived expert always gets paid more!

Of the four women entrepreneurs — is there one that seems familiar to you?  What are your specific challenges to growing your profitable business?

If you’d like to STOP doing it backwards; if you’d like to STOP the struggle; if you like to have a steady stream of clients saying “OMG, you’re the answer to my prayers” …. if that’s you?  Then I want to help because growing your reputation & your business doesn’t have to be so hard!  

That’s why I’m in the process of launching a NEW one-day workshop to help you skyrocket your business — GROW Your Reputation. Dates for Brockville, Montreal (West Island), Ottawa and Kingston are being firmed up and will be announced shortly!

Growing your reputation is truly the fastest way to GROW your biz and stop being the ‘best-kept secret in town”!

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