It’s summer time — woohoo.  That means boating, friends & family and the occasional rainy day!  I love rainy days.  Today, I sat in my office and got _hit done — yup.  I created, curated and organized 60+ blogs in less than 45 minutes … really!  

So although this isn’t one of those topics … I thought I’d start here because I want to create ACTIONABLE strategies for you to grow your business!

Speaking of actionable strategies, if you want to make more $$$ and stop the cash flow rollercoaster, don’t forget to register for June 14th — Fast Cash Intensive.  More info here.  Besides having me sit on your Board of Directors for the day, I’m going to share 4 tested & proven strategies for consistently adding hundreds or thousands of dollars to your bank account (over and over again)!

Here’s how you too can quickly & easily create an endless stream of VALUABLE content for your Dream Client.

  1. Start by creating a file or computer folder for articles that YOU found interesting and that you think will be interesting/provide value to your Dream Client.  These are the articles that I use to INSPIRE me to write.  I don’t plagiarize; I don’t copy; I get inspired and put my own twist on a problem that I know my Dream Client is having.  Like today — I know that many of you struggle to write a blog/create a video or connect with your Dream Client on a regular & consistent basis!  So start — create a file or folder!  It becomes your source of inspiration!
  2. Use a content creator table for endless ideas — mine is inspired by Hugh Culver (original article).  Across the top of the table, I wrote the major areas that I would like to write about (marketing, sales, money, CEO, Lifestyle); then down the side I wrote categories such as How to…; Mistakes to avoid …; Trends…; Fail/Success Stories; Product Reviews; Opinion; Inspirational.  So that meant, I had a table with 5 across and 7 down …. that’s 35 blank spaces.  Feel free to change/alter/ adjust the table to suit your business and your clientele.
  3. Keeping in mind the challenges of my Dream Client, I then started to curate through my folder (since I’m old school, mine is actually a file folder with articles printed!).  As I quickly went through the pile, general titles/subjects came to mind and I started to fill in the blanks of my Content Creator.  It wasn’t long that I filled up the first table; and then was into the second one!  It was like magic.

Now I have 60+ titles/subjects for blog content!  Not only will this save me tons of valuable time in the coming months, but it will allow me to hone in on articles that are perfect for my Dream Client — that’s you!

Here’s a link to my CONTENT CREATOR template — you can download it and modify for your own use.  No more excuses!  Get started!  

I know you can Grow, Prosper, Succeed!


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