It’s true that the internet and social media offer an endless array of information that you can apply to your business!  There’s webinars, FB live videos, youtube, free downloads and the list goes on.  Actually – there’s so much, it’s information overload!

Personally, I love learning so I tend to be a bit of a learning junkie.  But here’s one piece of advice ….. there’s NOTHING like attending live events.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like live events.  Every year, I book myself to attend at least one live event so I thought I’d share my reasons for attending live conferences!

1.     learn one new thing that dramatically impacts your business or life
Even if I invest in travelling to a far away city, hotel room, conference fee, etc., (and my time), I still feel that if I learn one NEW thing that I can apply in my business (or life) that has impact – then the whole thing would be worth the investment!

Just last month, I attended an event and learned a ton of information about how to improve my productivity!  I’ve implemented it and it’s made a huge difference saving me so much time.  Was it worth it?  Hell Yeah!

If you attend SHIFT (this coming Friday in Ottawa), you’ll learn:

  • Top 3 pricing mistakes that are guaranteed to hurt your business
  • #1 marketing asset you absolutely need in your profitable coaching/consulting business
  • 5 core entrepreneurial tasks and how to apply them in your business to improve your profitability & productivity
  • 5 reasons why entrepreneurs who earn 10x more; don’t work 10x harder!
  • How to become an Agenda Ninja to save 10 hours a week

Are any of those worth investing $20?

2.     networking to form new connections, suppliers, new clients, strategic alliances
A ton of relationships are begun at live conferences.  In fact, I use Facebook to connect with attendees before the event.  Then I have a friendly face when I arrive.   I’ve also been known to have a Business Breakthrough Session in the bathroom!

At SHIFT, you’ll have the opportunity to network to find new suppliers or clients with our 12 sponsors; to perhaps find strategic alliances even at your table; meet up with business friends!

3.     positive energy is motivating – leave feeling ready to take massive action
There’s no question that attending a Tony Robbins live conference is a HUGE motivator!  However, it doesn’t take Tony Robbins to get your mojo going.  Just getting out of your office and talking to other entrepreneurs with similar challenges is motivating.

At SHIFT, I promise to not just teach you but inspire you to take action that will change your business for the better.  Although we are going to talk about MONEY, I’m also going to share with you why HUSTLING for money isn’t the whole answer.  I’m going to share a story about a financially successful entrepreneur who has fallen into the self-employment trap and how you can avoid it!   I’ll also share inspiring stories about other entrepreneurs who have rocked their business so you can see what’s  possible!

So what’s keeping you at home?  Are you debating about spending the day with 100 other savvy entrepreneurs?  WIth all the reasons I’ve given you to attend SHIFT, why are you procrastinating …..  , unless you’re getting married Friday!

There’s still time to register, bring your Business Bestie! Here’s the discount code DL20 so that your investment for the day is merely $20 – including lunch!

Here’s the link to register –


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