A couple of weeks ago, I met a group of VERY nervous entrepreneurs! Funny thing is that I remembered feeling exactly like them several years ago.  You see — they were attending their first networking meeting (or at least none of them were ‘seasoned’ networkers). They were super nervous talking about themselves and their business!

Perhaps you’ve felt like that before.

If you’re like me when I started networking, I spent A LOT OF TIME worrying how to answer the dreaded question……


I remember rehearsing so many different elevator speeches; working on different templates and testing different ones to see what would work the best.  I expended so much nervous energy I would come home exhausted and usually beating myself up because I could have done a better job!

So as this is a series of articles about ensuring that your marketing actually converts into clients, I’d like to share a jedi trick that I learned years ago.  And that’s about what NOT TO SAY.

Here’s the 3 deadly words you SHOULD NOT USE when answering the question …

I am a _______. 

I’m a financial advisor.  I’m a life coach.  I’m a fitness coach.  I’m a massage therapist.  I’m a bookkeeper!

Please don’t do this if you want your answer to be heard or if you would actually like to start a  meaningful conversation!

When you use those 3 words (I am a), you immediately put yourself into a box with all the other financial advisors, life coaches, fitness coaches, etc.  The person who heard you say that immediately (and subconsciously) groups you together with everyone else in your industry.  Then you are perceived as no different than anyone else.

NOT EXACTLY what you want, I imagine.   In fact, in your marketing, and elevator speech, you want to ensure that everyone knows that you are THE expert, the only answer to their problem!  That you are different from everyone else in your industry.

So what do you say when answering THAT dreaded question?  Here’s several quick ways to avoid using those 3 words when explaining to people what you do!

1.         Explain to them WHY you do what you do (explain your passion). i.e. Financial Advisor – explain how you are passionate about ensuring that people clearly understand their financial statements; or Life Coach, how you are passionate that everyone should live their purpose and be happy; or business coach… I believe everyone deserves to be well paid for their expertise! Caution: I know you are passionate about what you do; and the tendency can be that we ramble on and on without coming to the point.  When explaining your passion, be sure to be succinct!

2.         Be able to tell people quickly who you serve (i.e. give them a label – busy moms going back to work; coaches who want to earn $5k per month consistently; etc.).  This makes a HUGE difference to the person listening — they immediately know if you can help them and who they can refer to you!

3.         Be able to easily explain the TANGIBLE results you get for people (this may be more difficult if you are new to your business but it’s a work in progress). Your prospective client wants to know what’s the bottom line; what outcome, what results will come from working with you!

As always, I want to make it ease for you to IMPLEMENT the information that I share.  So here’s a quick template to use:

I (teach, help, guide…….) _________(who) ______ to do ______ (what/result).

I teach coaches, consultants & practitioners to consistently earn $5k per month.

Now if you’re really brave …. add something like this…..

And what I’m really passionate about is _____________________.
  I’m really passionate about helping people be well paid for their expertise!

Give each one of these a try while you’re networking!  Tweak it until you get the right response!

Networking, whether face to face or online, is THE #1 marketing strategy you will use to build relationships; and it’s relationships that grow your business!

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Go out there and BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!


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