This weekend I invited a colleague over to my house to do some brainstorming about the upcoming year!!  The original idea was that 2 brains are better than one!  I envisioned that we would spend time throwing out ideas for his business and then for mine (you know for time on each business).  We might drink a little wine; use a bunch of post-its; and scribble a bunch of stuff on a flip chart.


After spending 3 hours together, we created up a whole new collaboration with 4 new events that would help our dream clients better position themselves as experts in their field.  Very cool, right?

As we were planning, we realized that we could combined our skills (speaking & marketing).    Now we have a whole program ‘Speaking as Marketing”dedicated to helping coaches; wellness coaches; bookkeepers; financial advisors (and other professionals) to attract more of their ideal clients by stepping out, conquering their public speaking fears; and structuring talks that position them as experts in their field!

It was incredible what happens when 2 people just start throwing out possibilities…. Possibilities!!!

Now we know that our ideas aren’t perfect yet BUT we do know who the ideal client for the program is; who it isn’t for; how the events relate to each other and tentative dates and price points.  We have the basics outlined and it was so much fun!  (Yes, planning can be fun!).

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES if you created your 2019 plan with someone – with a business friend; business bestie or someone to guide you.  What possibilities could you create?

You see …. Planning isn’t fun alone!  It doesn’t get the creative juices flowing.  Instead when we are by ourselves – we often let the itty bitty shitty committee speak way too loudly – “No you can’t possibly do that”; “No one would come”; “It’s not perfect yet”; etc. etc.

So here’s some suggestions for improving your 2019 planning for your successful small business:

1.     Get together with a friend, business bestie or mastermind group.

2.     Throw out possibilities of what you could do (if the only thing you could do was be successful – failure isn’t possibility!).

3.     Use flip chart; post it notes or other tools such as mind mapping

4.     Attend CEO Planning Retreat (virtual or live) to be sure that you don’t miss any of the 5 crucial steps of creating a plan for your Best Year Yet.

Once you register (here), I’ll send you Step 1 of your plan – this part you can definitely do on your own!!!  Then on January 25 or 26 – we’ll get your creative juices going!!!  I’m so excited!!!  (BTW – if you’re a current or past member of the Achiever’s Club, email me for your discount code!!)

You see … just add wine and a friend — anything is possible!

Go out there and BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!


PS  Why am I so excited about this new program & collaboration? …. I believe that public speaking is THE most under utilized marketing tactic!!  Like anything else, it has to be done right – for me it doubled my business in one year!  If you’d like to increase your visibility and credibility while attracting amazing clients, reserve the dates below!

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