“I wish I had more clients
I wish I was making more money
I wish I could have a bigger impact.
I wish I could stop working so hard”

Those are common “I wish” statements I continuously hear from small business owners.

Certainly, one way to SHIFT those I wish statements into action is by doing the activities in last week’s blog about 3 essential C’s that will help you grow a profitable business (here).

However there’s another C that can be so helpful – COLLABORATION.  It’s a word that I’m using a lot this year.  I’m collaborating with another coach to offer you a new program later this year.  I’m open to all kinds of collaborations!

And today, I have a gift for you ….from another collaboration!

If you’re a wellness entrepreneur – it was written specifically for you.
If you’re not a wellness entrepreneur – you’ll definitely see the benefits of applying the same system to your business.

My new friend from Australia — Sebastian Hilbert who helps health and wellness professionals get more clients has kindly allowed me to pass on his latest resource…

The Wellnesspreneur Growth Roadmap!  (Sound familiar — as you know, I love roadmaps!)

This clear roadmap walks business owners through how to:
• Gain market exposure
• Build effective sales systems
• Automate more to save time

Sebastian shows you how to get more clients into your business instantly! (Without all the headache).

You can grab a copy right now for free at:

You might ask …. So why would I share someone else’s resource?  Because Sebastian’s work is in alignment with mine.  We talk the same language and I love helping other entrepreneurs succeed!

Read Sebastian’s Roadmap; do the activities; and enjoy the clarity!!!



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