Last week I read a blog that stated there were only 2 things a successful business needed:

1.       audience (tribe, someone to sell to)

2.       offer (something to sell)

After I read it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it – something didn’t sit well with me.  I kept thinking something was missing.  It can’t be that simple?  Only 2 things?

There was something missing – it does take more than those 2 components.

In today’s big noisy world, just because you have something amazing to sell doesn’t mean that your dream client will find out about you UNLESS

             You can communicate WHY THEY SHOULD CHOOSE you!

So, I’ve amended the idea of 2 components — here’s the 3 simple things you need for a sustainable, profitable business:

1.      clear message 
(i.e. be able to communicate WHY someone should hire you)

2.      compelling offer 
(the thing you want to sell must be irresistible to your dream client
– they must not only want it but want it now!!)

3.      consistent outreach 
(yup – you must consistently put your name, your brand,
out there so that you are TOP OF MIND – you can’t hide in your secret lab!)

There – 3 simple components of a profitable business.  Simple yes but not easy to create.


1.       For each of the 3 components, apply the “Traffic Light” scoring system….

 Red = I don’t have it or I have one and it’s not getting the results I want
 Yellow = I’m working on it and it works sometimes
Green = Hell Yeah – It works & it’s awesome!

Clear message                               Red        Yellow        Green

Compelling offer                            Red         Yellow        Green

Consistent outreach                       Red         Yellow        Green

If you scored mostly GREEN – then I’m guessing you are making all the money you want; have all the clients you want; and life is darn good! Congratulations and probably don’t have to read any further.

If you scored mostly YELLOW – then perhaps things could be a little better (more clients, more free time) with just a little tweaking.  Can I suggest booking a BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH SESSION here and we can see where some slight changes might make a HUGE difference in your business.

If you scored mostly RED – Although you don’t feel as though you should be congratulated, never fear – you’ve done well to get this far! If you’re ready to turn those REDS into GREENS, let’s chat.  Book a BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH SESSION here and we’ll identify the most important place to start.

Whether you scored red, yellow or green,  as you are working in your business, remember the 3 C-components.  They are the essential parts of a profitable business.



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