Just the other day a friend was telling me that she attended a wellness fair as a sponsor.  She announced with great enthusiasm. “ I finally found my peeps”!   She continued, telling me that in the past she had attended many different types of events, but none with the same response as she received from this particular one!   I was so happy for her!  Virtual confetti drop!  That’s what I want for you!

But perhaps you’re like her and you’ve tried lots of different ‘tactics’ to find your peeps or customers?  Sometimes they work and sometimes not.  I totally understand how it feels to get your marketing right – to ensure that it works!!!

So today I thought I’d share 25+ ways you might find your own peeps.  Ready?

  1. Attend networking events in person
  2. Attend virtual networking events – yes they do exist
  3. Participate as a sponsor at community events
  4. Walk around community events and speak to the sponsors
  5. Host lunch & learns
  6. Attend volunteer events and let people know what you do
  7. Attend Women’s events (March is Women’s Month)
  8. Email everyone you know to tell them about your business (business announcement)
  9. Mention your paid services in your weekly newsletter
  10. Mention what you do in your email signature
  11. Send a content rich newsletter to your peeps on a regular basis
  12. Be of service in social media groups or online forums
  13. Keep a list of warm leads & follow up consistently
  14. Send personal emails to new subscribers
  15. Give people free, mini-taster sessions i.e. like Baskin Robbins little pink spoon
  16. Host free talks locally
  17. Provide a guest post
  18. Host free calls or webinars
  19. Host a meet up group in your community related to your business topic
  20. Post flyers around town advertising your services
  21. Hold in person or phone meetings with your peers
  22. Get interviewed on TV, podcasts, etc.
  23. Ask past clients for referrals
  24. Send a dedicated sales pitch email to your peeps
  25. Collaborate or cross promote with related businesses
  26. Add a call to action to all of your marketing material
  27. Create and lead a private Facebook group
  28. Be a sponsor at other business events
  29. Attend out of town conferences & network

Here’s the thing – there’s no lack of ways to promote yourself and find your dream client.   And I certainly don’t want you to try all of these at once!!!


You have to do them the right way and
You have to put the time in to get the results!

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One final question – How do you get where you want to go in your business?
It’s by implementing what you’ve learned; by setting & working towards your goals!

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