You’ve just come home from a conference or a workshop with a notebook full of wonderful ideas (tips, tricks & strategies) that you want to implement in your business.  You’re pumped!!!!

You put your notebook on your desk but then the next morning you get distracted by the daily to-do’s of your business and life; and suddenly those inspirational action steps aren’t at the top of your list.

You say …. I’ll do it later!

Those my friends are the 4 most dangerous words to your business!

How many times have you looked at your business, and instead of saying, “Yeah, I’ll do that now” you comfort yourself with the fact that ‘you’ll do it later’?

So instead of taking a new action; instead of saying you’ll invest the time (money, or energy) in it; I’m going to schedule myself to do this!  I’m going to do this uncomfortable thing now.

So let me ask you….

What action have you delayed, postponed or put off by saying those 4 dangerous words:

  • Have you delayed attending a networking event?
  • Have you put off creating a strategic marketing road map?
  • Have you delayed hiring a virtual assistant?
  • Have you delayed hiring a mentor or business coach?
  • Have you delayed learning how to make your marketing work?

Don’t delay any more!  I’m giving you a gift – an opportunity to

  • learn how to attract a steady stream of your ideal clients;
  • #1 roadblock that’s stopping you from making consistent breakthroughs in your business (and the counterintuitive day to blast through it)
  • how to implement a simple 3 step client attraction system;
  • learn how to avoid 9 reasons why prospects might not be hiring you (and what to do instead)
  • learn 3 essential strategies to build a sustainably profitable business

Join me at SHIFTmarketing – April 3 & 4 in Ottawa! 

  • Go here to purchase your ticket
  • Use this discount code at checkout (DL25)
  • Enjoy this day for only $25 including lunch, networking, learning, dancing!

Now – if you really want to make an investment in your marketing – then, I suggest you upgrade to VIP …. WHY:

  • Get a pre-event virtual training to ensure you get the most from the day
  • Get 2nd day – Marketing Lab – to ensure your marketing material is working with you & without you
  • Get 12 Expert Talks audio delivered to your inbox to regularly assist you with your marketing for the next year.

So will you stop saying “I’ll do it later”???

Will I see you April 3 & 4?

Join me at #SHIFTmarketing – let’s kick start your business into high gear!

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