One of the biggest challenges for most small business owners is the cash flow roller coaster.  It’s that feeling of constantly chasing new clients because one month the revenue is good but the next month it falls off.

It makes you feel as though you are constantly hustling and never really getting ahead!  Almost as though you’re on a hamster wheel.  It seems you start working with some new clients and then the cash comes in; but then you don’t seem to have time to do any more marketing because you’re busy with them.  Then when you’ve finished working with them, the income stops and you find yourself out there once again HUSTLING!

There is another way.   

It’s what I call building a predictably profitable business!

It’s creating baseline revenue from your Signature Program/product or service that gives you ongoing cash – baseline.

It’s having a marketing & sales system (notice the word system) that works for you on an ongoing basis.

It’s about taking time in your business to plan out your marketing & sales (as well as your vacations… yes VACATIONS).

I teach what I know works.  I have a baseline revenue that consistently bring me more than enough income to cover my expenses, add to my profit account, and to pay myself.

But it wasn’t always that way!  When I first started my coaching business,  I didn’t have this model for my business and it was stressful.  It made me hate sales; hate marketing and almost hate my business.

But I learned it didn’t have to be that way.  There was a way to build a predictably profitable business whether you’re a coach, consultant, author, speaker or other service based entrepreneur!!!  It works for health coaches, fitness coaches, life coaches, business coaches, web designers, graphic designers, parent coaches, and tons of others!

It’s simple – I’ve started calling it the Predictable Profit Formula which consists of …..

  3 C’s (clear message, compelling offer, consistent outreach)
+ 3C’s (captivate, cultivate, convert)
+ 2P’s (planning, profit)
+ CRA (consistently the right activity for your stage of business growth)
+ DNA (your Entrepreneurial DNA)

The Predictable Profit Formula (PPF)  that gives the book to hustle; and eliminates the cash flow roller coaster!

You can learn to love your business again AND make a predictable profit!!!  I promise…. I do it; my clients do it; so I know you can do it too!

This weeks ACTION STEPS:

1. From last week’s blog, did you create your PROFIT Account?

2. To learn more about the PPF, Register for #SHIFTprofit today …. Use this discount code (DLsave) to get the GA ticket for just $47; or the VIP ticket for $247 – both a steal! Both include lunch, learning & amazing networking opportunities!

You deserve it.



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