Do you need your business to make money?

Or are you okay with having a business that’s

  • constantly on the cash flow roller coaster?
  • no consistent revenue?
  • isn’t growing at the pace you want?

The fact is ……79% of small business owners earn less than $22,000 a year!  There’s not much profit in that!!!

I don’t want you to struggle – to waste precious energy, time or potential loss of income!!

That’s WHY I host my #SHIFT events.

QUESTION for you:

Part 1: How much have you invested in improving your craft/expertise this year?  Did you take more courses, watch more webinars, download more freebies on how to be a better coach, lawyer, bookkeeper?  I’m guessing YES.

Part 2: How much time (and/or $$$) did you invest in becoming a better business owner?  A better CEO?

  • better at watching your numbers?
  • analyzing those numbers and making adjustments?
  • better at converting more prospects into clients.

Those are skills that you need to grow your business – without them, you won’t stay in business.

So if you are passionate about growing your business, turning it into a predictably profitable business,  I invite you to #SHIFTprofit to learn how to become a better CEO of your business – to learn how to increase your bottom line – your profits so that you can have that dream business.

And as my gift to you – here is a discount code (DLsave) to make it even easier! 

Personally I don’t think you can afford NOT to be the CEO who knows how to double or triple your profits!

Using the discount code your investment for the regular ticket becomes $47 and that includes lunch, networking, door prizes, dancing – YES, I said dancing!!

If you are a driven, passionate  entrepreneur, then I suggest you invest in the VIP upgrade which means 2 days, 2 lunches, 2 networking, extra pre-event training and super clarity & custom roadmap in Day 2 (Conversations that Convert).

Look forward to seeing you September 27 & 28!!!


Here’s the deets on the VIP – day 2 – Conversations that Convert!

As you know, during day 1 of SHIFT, I’m going to share 7 strategies to dramatically increase your profits.  One of those ways is to convert more prospects into clients is with better conversations – increasing your conversion or closing rate for your sales/enrolment conversations. YES – sales conversations!!!  But, unfortunately, I won’t be able to go REALLY deep into that topic on day 1.

So that’s why VIP Day 2 is so important … showing you how you can dramatically increase your conversion rate without feeling icky or slimy – it’s kind of selling without selling.  You’ll leave having role played, practised, and had a tremendous amount of fun with SALES.  You also leave with your personalized Conversation that Converts and your customized highly converting sales map.  I guarantee you’ll never look at sales the same way again!


  1. September 20 – 10 am. FREE Coaching Webinar – Top 5 Reasons why people don’t buy from you (and how to turn those around)
  2. 7 Steps to Perfect Follow Up – because the Fortune is in the Follow Up! Follow up is one of the steps to ensure that you increase your conversion rates and your profits!
  3. 10 Key Secrets to Overcoming Sales Objections (and increasing your profits) Many of us worry about objections but there is a way to overcome them that’s actually beneficial to your clients.

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