By now you know that #SHIFTprofit event is September 27 & 28 in Ottawa (if you don’t – I guess you don’t live on FB or open your emails – – just kidding!)

This 2-day live training event helps AMBITIOUS, passionate business owners elevate their professionalism and scale their business to the next level with profits (not just sales).

So you might be wondering, how can this event PERSONALLY benefit me?

I’ve noticed in my 30+ years as an entrepreneur there are generally 3 different types of business owners who benefit from attending SHIFT events:

  1. Run Ragged Ruth who is stuck in the time-for-dollars trap; caught in a cycle of booking single clients sessions which eats up her days and energy but she doesn’t know how to break that cycle and make more money!
  2. Structure Seeking Sally has a goal but she lacks the knowledge of what’s the next best step to take, and is searching for structure & strategies to help get them there!
  3. Struggling Striver Susan who has a unique message she wants to share but is struggling with how to make her business more profitable (a bigger impact) without feeling icky or slimy!

RECOGNIZE yourself in any of these descriptions?

Are you someone who wants to earn more but work less?

All three of these entrepreneurs have attended SHIFT events and walked away with HUGE aha’s and action steps to shift their business.

Did I mention that at #SHIFTprofit, you can expect to:

  • Discover why sales alone isn’t an indicator of success
  • Uncover which of the 7 profit maximizers will help you at least double your profits
  • Learn how sales conversations can be easy & fun (VIP Day)
  • Apply the Predictable Profitable Formula to your business so you can eliminate the cash flow roller coaster and kick HUSTLE to the curb
  • Add resources & tools to your business to take you to the next level in your business growth
  • and that’s just the beginning.

So whether You’re a Run Ragged Ruth, Structure Seeker Sally or Struggling Striver Susan, or a combination of all 3, this live event is absolutely essential for you.

And if you are truly an AMBITIOUS entrepreneur, I highly recommend you enroll as a VIP to get thousands of dollars of extra coaching, training and resources!!

And as my gift to you, for reading to the end of this email, here’s your discount code (DLsave) to use at checkout  ….. reducing the investment for the regular ticket to $47 or the VIP experience to $247 (both include lunch).

See you September 27 & 28


Only 3 more days for EARLY BIRD PRICING – then the ticket prices increases!!

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