Hands up if you’re taking home less than $10K a month from your biz?

Keep you hands up if you’re taking home less than $5k a month?

Now …. Let’s be honest.

Now slice off the top taxes, retirement savings, expenses.

What’s left?

My guess is that even though you own our own business, you are nowhere NEAR being financially free.

It’s a truth bomb to face the reality that the amount of work you do every month, the amount of hours you put in and the amount of fires you fight brings home just enough to get by.

Or maybe just enough to deepen your debt load by another $500, $1000 or $5000.

BUT (there’s always a but)

…. The beauty of running your own business is that you can CHANGE what’s happening.

You are just one fast action project away from SHIFTING.

You’re just one productivity project away from turning the corner.

You’re just one mindset shift away from being on the top of your game AND RUNNING A SUSTAINABLY PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

That’s all it takes.  One flip of the coin.  One flip of the switch.

The new mindset isn’t hiding way in your linen closet.

The productivity flip isn’t under your desk.

You’re next brilliant fast action idea isn’t sitting at the bottom of your purse!

You have to seek them out and there’s no better place to start than #SHIFTprofit event on September 27 & 28 in Ottawa.

Not only will you be taught incredible business education but you’ll also be immersed in energy that will open up those creative parts of your brain again …. The ones covered with cobwebs now.

Your General Admission lets you in the door, gives you access to networking and main day events including lunch!

But your VIP Ticket now that’s different.  That’s a totally different 2-day experience with thousands of dollars of coaching & training and of course a little swag.    There’s still just a few of those tickets left.

Either way – here’s my gift to you.  At check out, use this discount code (DLsave) !  Share this discount with your friend and make it a business besties breakthrough!!!

Register today – here!

See you September 27 & 28


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