WOW – think about that…. How different would your business be?

How would you feel if you LOVED having sales conversations?

Would you feel….. happy?  Successful?  Confident?  Satisfied?  What word would you use to describe how you felt?  ____________

I used to feel really, uncomfortable with sales conversations.  I said to myself I wasn’t good at them; I felt icky doing them; I felt badly when I didn’t enroll a client even though I knew they desperately needed my help; I felt shameful that I wasn’t making the $$$ I hoped I would in my business.

So finally I decided to do something about it!

I invested in the resources that helped me:

  • Shift how I felt about my worth
  • Structure a successful sales/enrolment conversation
  • Learned how to make the ask authentically
  • Learned how to ‘dance’ through objections
  • And how to invite into a conversation with certainty and clarity

That’s why I know that if you join me for the #SHIFTprofit VIP day – Conversations that Convert – you’ll feel so differently about your business; about yourself and about how you can help others!  And it will make a profound difference for your business – because every business needs conversations that convert.

If you’re a woman who hates sales … then this VIP day was created just for you!  I promise – really, I do – you’ll leave with a whole new perspective about sales and how you can succeed!

Get your ticket today – and get the other amazing bonuses too!

Here’s the link –


In case you forgot what VIP upgrade includes:

BONUS #1    Special Pre-Event COACHING Webinar – Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Buy From You (and how to turn it around)! (Sept 20)      

BONUS #2    Conversations that Convert (Day 2)

BONUS #3    7 Steps to Perfect Follow Up

BONUS #4    10 Key Secrets to Overcoming Sales Objections (and increasing your profits) 

As I said – thousands of dollars worth of extras for a small investment.  Here’s the link

Remember – Sharing is Caring!!! Have a friend who could use a business boost?  Share your discount code (DLsave) with her.  It’s a gift – really!!!

See you September 27 & 28!


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