There is one thing I know for sure ….. you want to avoid like the PLAGUE is a building  business on trial and error (or as I like to call it – winging it!!!)
I can promise that if you try to grow a business by throwing stuff at the wall or by trying this tactic then another – it is going to take you years to get any real traction in your business!  (I’ve been there, done that).
The thing is that today there is no lack of successful business models to follow!  There are well respected experts to teach you what you need to grow your business; how to grow a strong foundation.
You really don’t have to walk the road alone.
If you decide to grow your business without any mentoring, guidance or support, I can almost guarantee this will happen:
1. You’ll waste thousands of dollars on ineffective strategies (money you don’t have to spare, I’m sure).
2. You’ll feel as though you’re constantly failing – not great way to start every day.
3. You’ll suffer from burnout and anxiety because there are just too many solutions to chose from, and many are simply tactics – not a complete strategy.
4. You’ll be on the cash flow roller coaster, worrying about where the next client is coming from because you don’t have any money in the bank.
5. You’ll start hating your business because you aren’t feeling successful.
I know it sounds harsh.  And I know that perhaps you can’t afford coaching or mentoring right now.
But I’m sure you can manage the investment of a ticket to #SHIFTprofit – especially if you use this discount code (DLsave) at checkout.  
A mere $47 (lunch included) will ensure you get the teaching, guidance & mindset shifts you need to create the PROFIT you need in your business – whether that profit is to pay back debt; invest in a team; or just feel darn successful
It will guarantee you never throw money away on trial and error stuff again!  I promise that you’ll leave #SHIFTprofit with strategies to double or triple your profit; with the motivation to ditch the hustle; and a plan for success!
Grab a ticket —
Use discount code DLsave at checkout!
See you September 27 & 28!!!


PS.  There might be a couple of spots left if you want to upgrade to VIP!  Don’t miss thousands of dollars worth of training that will support you to build your predictably profitable business!  

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