This past week I hosted a workshop to help business owners clarify their marketing message – nothing I like better!!!

As you can imagine during the workshop, there were a lot of questions.  But one question seems to have cropped up more than once — how to I create consistent content to cultivate the know-like-trust factor??  I don’t know what to write and I’m afraid it will take all my time??

As always, I want to share with you what has worked for myself & my clients.

Here’s a couple of things you’ll need to create consistent education-based content for your prospects:

  1. an understanding of your dream client avatars’ (DCA) problems.
  2. an understanding of how to use your natural content style.
  3. a system for creating consistent valuable content.
  4. a system for repurposing content.
  5. a system for being inspired.

You’ll notice a theme here – SYSTEM.  Having a ‘system’ saves you time (money & energy).  If you want your business to grow or scale – you have to create systems!!!

1. Understand your dream clients’ problems.

This is the ONE thing you need to do BEFORE you start any marketing!!!

One of the best ways to do this is to brain dump all the things that you think your client has problems with and then prioritize those into the top ten.  Remember these are problems that your dream client wants to solve (not what you think they need – there’s a big difference).

Download this cheat sheet (A Beginners Guide to Creating Content) to help you keep track of these problems!  Voila – you’ll have at least 10 topics around which to create content.

2. Understand your natural content style and use this as your preferred content method.

Yes – everyone has a preferred natural ‘content style’ (this is something that clients discover when they work with me to find their Entrepreneurial D.N.A. (distinctive natural ability).

Personally, my best content style is speaking – in other words I make the best impact on prospects when I’m speaking.  My friend Carl (a radio broadcaster) – his best content style is speaking and so he delivers his content via a podcast.  Another client of mind is an amazing writer – so she prefers writing blogs and articles.  It just won’t make sense for Carl to struggle with writing when speaking comes naturally.  The same is true for my other client!  Always start with what comes naturally first.

3. A system for creating consistent valuable content.

During January’s Content Creation Bootcamp, clients learned how to create consistent content and were given several resources and tools to systematize this process.

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. have a list of your DCA’s top 10 problems that you solve.
  2. use the Content Creation Calendar to map out your topics that support what you are going to sell for the year i.e. if you’re selling ABC Workshop in June – then you might want to write a series of articles that bring attention to the problem that your workshop will solve in May.
  3. use (and re-use) templates for blogs or videos or podcasts (don’t re-create the wheel each time).
  4. start creating a list of questions your DCA might ask you that you can solve.
  5. have a system for delivering your content i.e. what tool will you use to deliver your emails (i.e. Mailchimp, FB Live, etc.)

This is my process for implementation:

i.  I have a Content Creation Calendar in excel for 12 months of the year; and each DAY has a suggested post (i.e. blog, pose a question, share a quote, gratitude, testimonial, resources to share, etc.)

ii. At the beginning of the year, I plan out the products/services I’m going to sell each month. Of course, these are based on what my DCA wants to solve.

iii. Then I map out content topics based on what I want to sell.

Of course, this content map is reviewed every 90 days!

Also in the excel spreadsheet are several lists:

  1. a list of clever subject lines that I’ve saved (many are inspired by other people).
  2. a list of quotes that I can use in social media (my VA creates the visuals that go with them).
  3. a list of questions clients ask.
  4. a list of tools & resources that might be useful for clients.
  5. a list of books clients might like to read.
  6. a list of testimonials .

4. A system for re-purposing content

Here’s a simple way to repurpose your educational material.

i. Write a blog – turn it into a podcast or a FB live.

ii. Pull out of the blog / podcast / FB live some key phrases and turn into social media posts.

iii. Upload the FB live to your you tube channel.

iv. Have the podcast / FB live transcribed for a blog post.

Each week, I write a blog in Word (using a template)

  • I send the blog to my VA (this frees me up to stay focused on revenue generating activities).
  • She turns it into a blog post (for my website), a newsletter (distributed via Active Campaign); then she posts on Facebook and publishes it in LinkedIn.
  • She takes the key phrases (which I give her) and turns them into social media posts and puts them on my business FB page.
  • She completes the week of social media posts using quotes, questions or testimonials that are in the Content Creation Calendar.
  • I also take the same subject matter and use it for a free Tuesday Training in my Facebook group (here).

5. Create a system for being inspired

If you’re anything like me, you are probably on other people’s email lists and receive emails with amazing content and / or subject lines.

Another part of my Content Creation Calendar includes another list of inspiring subject lines!  Now while some of the titles might not be directly related to content for my DCA, sometimes it’s just the clever use of words that I save.

Something else I do is rather old-school.  I use old-fashioned file folders where I save inspirational PRINTED emails.  I find this especially useful for certain times of the year, i.e. December or Thanksgiving or the New Year.

So, there’s my proven system for creating CONSISTENT educational content for your prospects to cultivate the know-like-trust factor!!!

Remember – I didn’t start out with this system; I started from ZERO just like you and built this over time.  It’s my pleasure to share it with you because nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing you succeed.

If you’d like to take this another step further, then I invite you to CONTENT CREATION BOOTCAMP HOMESTUDY version for only $47 this week!!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Introductory video.
  • Series of videos taken during the live version, so you get real life examples.
  • Series of workbooks for you to brainstorm & complete exercises.
  • Resources & tools: Content Creation Calendar and bonus which include 12 months of ‘what to post’; 400+ questions to ask; 150+ quotes; 3 types of content & how often to post; and so much more.
  • Everything you need to create consistent content to turn prospects into customers.


Remember for this week only – CCB Homestudy is $47 then it goes to $247!!!

Once you purchase it, I’ll send you a Dropbox link to download all the resources.

Here’s the link —

Have an amazing week – YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


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