When you go to the doctor for your annual health checkup, she runs through a checklist ….of sorts!  She compares your ‘metrics’ to some standards for your age.  For example,

  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart
  • Lungs

Here’s a preliminary checklist for the health of your marketing:

  • Are you communicating regularly with your clients, past clients & prospects (i.e. weekly).
  • Is it clear what you offer and to whom?
  • Do you have a rinse & repeat way to capture leads that is working?
  • Does your content create engagement?
  • Do you know YOUR best way to sell?
  • Are you doing marketing or just brand awareness?
  • Could a 4th grader re-explain what you do after looking at your website?
  • Are you regularly getting great paying clients even in this economy?

If your answer to any of the above was NO or I DON’T KNOW – then it’s time to change the health of your marketing!

Here’s your FIRST steps:

  1. Request to join SHIFT YOUR BIZ.
  2. Register HERE for my 5-day FREE Marketing Workshop and learn how to simplify your marketing in this new economy!


YES – there will be replays. YES – there will be prizes.    YES – it will be fun!

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