There is no doubt friends, that we are heading into a recession.  How long it will last is uncertain.

But you can prepare your business TODAY so that you’ll not only stay in business, but you’ll continue to help others!

Here’s your 5 Steps to recession-proof your biz:



Whether you’re the CEO of a micro-business or a multi-million-dollar business, your clients need to be clear about what you and your business stand for – what are your values?   Perhaps you’re asking why is this important with respect to the recession — it’s because people buy from people who they appreciate & understand their core values. Their values must align.

My brand stands for:

  1. Keeping things simple.
  2. Having fun while marketing (smiling is so important).
  3. Over-delivering value!

What are your TOP values?

Define them and ensure that your clients know what they are!



I know – you’re thinking – but Diana – a sales funnel?  That’s complicated!  NOPE!!!  Remember I’m all about simplicity.  A sales funnel is simply the steps that you take to get a sale! It starts with your marketing.  Good marketing makes sales easy.

I teach a 7-step simple sales/marketing funnel that you can use no matter what type of business you own.  Rinse & repeat it for consistent cash flow.

Want to know the elements of that sales funnel? Join me for my FREE workshop week beginning May 25 – Register here!



Too often CEOs, consultants and coaches have too many offers (programs or services) OR their offers aren’t clear!

Whether you haven’t simplified your offer or clarified your offer, that process all begins with clarifying your marketing message.  Here’s the key – your offer is your solution to a problem.


To prepare for a recession, be sure that you are solving a CURRENT problem with an offer that is clear & simple to your dream client!

Ask yourself – how can you pivot your offering and your message to solve a CURRENT problem for your dream client?

How can you streamline your revenue streams?

During my upcoming Workshop Week – I’ll teach you how to create THE offer you need RIGHT NOW!



I talk a lot about PROFIT – not revenue!  To prepare for a recession, you have to look at your business and trim any excess expenses.  In other words – what could you get by without?  Do you have duplicate subscriptions or subscriptions that you aren’t using?  What expenses do you have that DO NOT contribute to your profit?

Have you examined your credit card statements or your expense statements this month so you can trim the fat?



Although at first glance, you might think that this step is the same as step #4 – it’s not!  You need a 2-part plan — Part one is a CASH FLOW PLAN!  In other words, how are you going to generate cash flow during a recession?  This is all about being clear about your messaging & your offer!

Part 2 is a RAINY-DAY FUND!  Just like for your personal life, you should have a rainy-day fund – money (or a credit line) set aside to help you through the bad times!  Do you have several months of profit set aside to pay expenses?

How can a small business create a cash flow plan and a rainy-day fund?  By having a 60-90 marketing/sales plan for the future!

Want to know how to create your 90-day marketing/sales plan?  I’m going to show you how during my upcoming Marketing Roadmap Workshop Week starting May 25 – REGISTER HERE!

So, 5 steps to recession-proofing your business – you can start doing this today.

Here’s your FIRST steps:

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