Your website has the potential to be your best marketing and sales tool!  It can help you bring in new leads and prospects; tell your story; establish your Authority and act as your online hub!

But is it?

Pause …. Be truthful now…..

Too often our websites are a forgotten tool and yet we secretly know that we should be updating our websites but we think:

✅  It’s such a big project, it’s going to consume a huge amount of time, or
✅  It’s such a big project, it’s going to be expensive, or
✅  It’s a huge project, and I don’t know where to start.

Sound familiar?

Well over the next 3 segments, I want to share with you

    🔷  3 critical elements your website needs if it’s going to be a client-attracting asset

    🔷  7 things that either you or a good Virtual Assistant (VA) can do so that your most expensive marketing tool will generate leads & sales while you sleep even without frustrating technology or paid advertising!

Sounds good right – because I’m sure you want to maximize your client-attracting options!

But first – let me tell you a story!  Perhaps you’ll resonate with this!

Remembering back to the day I decided I needed my first coaching website. I knew I couldn’t do it justice myself, so at networking events, I asked around for a good web designer. Finally, I found one and sat down to have coffee with him.  YUP, he could build me a simple website. And then he asked me this question……SO WHAT DO YOU WANT ON THIS WEBSITE?

So, while it is true, he could build the website – I had to give him the content.  AND THAT’S WHERE THE PROBLEM LIES!   I had no idea what to write and how it should be structured!

And from what I see out there in terms of websites—it’s a common problem!

So, let me ask you a few questions – and you let me know how ‘proficient’ your website actually is at generating leads & sales (I call this the Marketing Proficiency Effect).  Remember- over the course of the years, I’ve had websites in all 3 categories!

The proficiency effect of your website at generating leads might be NIL if one or more of these is true:

    🔹  You’re a newbie business owner, with limited budget, & you DIY your website because you’ve got more time, than money
    🔹  Your website has created little or no brand recognition
    🔹  Your website has never generated any leads to add to an email list
    🔹  Your website is filled with paragraphs explaining your credentials, or process or modality
    🔹  The most common word on your website is “I”

The proficiency effect of your website at generating leads might be Rollercoaster if one or more of these is true:

    🔹  You’re not a newbie business owner, but your website has been forgotten
    🔹  Your website RARELY adds great prospects to your email list
    🔹  You have a lead magnet on your site, but it’s not very effective
    🔹  You know your website should be about your dream client but you have trouble explaining the problem you are solving for them so there are lots of words

The proficiency effect of your website at generating leads might be Flatlined if one or more of these is true:

   🔹  You’ve had a pretty good website at one time with all the necessary components
   🔹  Your website SLOWLY generates leads to add to your email list
   🔹  Your website, upon review, doesn’t seem relevant in today’s new online economy

So, which one are you?

I’m sure you would rather have a website that’s Predictably Profitable – one that:

   🔹  Easily and consistently generates great leads and grows your email list
   🔹  Raises curiosity so that the prospect reads it and says (mentally or out loud) WOW- she totally gets me
   🔹  Encourages the prospect to stay on the website, opt-in for your juicy lead magnet, book an appointment with you, or purchase something.

In order for you to have a website that predictably generates great prospects for your email list; ones that purchase your services; — your website needs 3 critical elements!

  1. 6 Core Components (including a lead magnet)
  2. Story Layout (that keeps prospect reading)
  3. Positioning Lingo (words that position you as an authority)

Next in the series, I’ll share with you some of the Core Components that YOU can actually change easily on your website to increase your client-attraction factor!

Because if your current website isn’t consistently generating great prospects – then every time a great prospect comes to your website and leaves without booking an appointment; without purchasing or without joining your email list — you’ve just lost $$$.

I don’t want that for you!



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