You might laugh – and that’s okay, but I charged my very first coaching client just $300 per month …. For private coaching. (My latest client paid me $30K, but more on that later).

Back in 2014, I spoke at a small gathering of financial advisors with the hope of getting hired by at least one of them.  And yes, one did hire me for $300 per month for private coaching which included four one-hour phone calls per month with me!

I’ve come a long way since then and yes, my latest client paid me $30K to work 1-1 with me and the results…

  • Co-creating & implementing a customized Visibility Roadmap which differentiates them as the undeniable authority in their field;
  • Partnering with them to simplify their business and dramatically increase profit margins because inefficiencies & bottlenecks have been removed
  • Together build a rock star team as they grew their well-oiled business machine purposefully designed to give them increased time off (and more fun!).

I shared this story at my recent Profit Lab retreat because I wanted to let my participants know two things:

  1. we all start at zero and that’s okay
  2. we all have huge possibilities waiting for us!

So, you might ask what has changed that has allowed me to go from charging $300 to $30K (and still get a yes).

Here are 3 things that have changed:

1.  Getting Better – The more I coach, teach and help, the more effective I’ve become. This means that the more you do it, the more your skills and value to others will increase!

What have you gotten better doing over the years that would bring more value to your clients?

2.  Different Clients – Price often determines the client. There are always a group of people who purchase first class everything – first class airline tickets, or $600 for a t-shirt.  There are some clients always looking for a premium product and if you don’t have a premium product (program, service) to offer them, there’s nothing for them to purchase (and you miss out on a sale).

Do you have a premium service to offer your clients?

3.  Different Problems – Today I solve very different problems for my clients than I did back in 2014…. And solving bigger problems means more value for your client. Do you think that my $30K client is coming to me to help them create a lead magnet or how to restructure their business to earn $5K months?  No – not at all.

How has your business evolved so that you could be solving different problems for your clients?

So, you might ask…. Why am I sharing all of this?

I couldn’t get to $30K clients; or $3K VIP days or anything like that if I didn’t start at $300.

You see… we all start at zero but we all have to start.

It doesn’t matter where you start but it matters that you just start!

ACTION creates clarity.

EXPERIENCE builds growth.

CONSISTENCY breeds momentum.

Be courageous and defy the little voice in your head that’s saying

  • I can’t offer a premium product/program/service – no one will purchase.
  • I can’t hire that employee and pay them that salary.
  • I can’t speak at that conference
  • I can’t…._______________ (fill in the blank)

There is no perfect time to start!


Done is better than none.

How could you make your business better, simpler or more profitable by answering these 3 questions:

1.  What have you gotten better doing over the years that would bring more value to your clients?

2.  Do you have a premium service to offer your clients?

3.  How has your business evolved that you could be solving different problems for your clients?

    If you’d like some help answering those questions and taking your business to the next level, I’d be honored to partner with you!


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