My husband is my bookkeeper – that’s both a good and a bad thing!  But he is very diligent about wasting money.

  • Is there a subscription that I’m paying for that I’m not using?
  • Why am I buying all those books on Amazon?
  • Did I really need to attend this particular conference – will I next year?
  • What expenses could I cut that aren’t bringing in the ROI (return on investment)?

My bookkeeper is very good at helping me with the OBVIOUS profit wasters.

I hope your bookkeeper/financial person does the same.

But what are the HIDDEN profit & time wasters?

Here’s an example of a HIDDEN profit & time waster…….

While I was working with a client the other day, she started searching for a document.  She looked in this file and then other.  She found the document and then couldn’t seem to open it.  After several minutes,  I could see her frustration level rise.  She finally found the document.

But what was the HIDDEN cost of all that searching?

  • First, there was her frustration – that’s a cost.
  • Then there was the lost time – that’s a cost.
  • However, the interruption of her workflow and then time to refocus was the true HIDDEN cost of that searching.

That’s what I mean about HIDDEN costs versus obvious.

Searching for documents is just one of the ways that we can be wasting precious time (and $$$) and we don’t really realize that we are doing it.

Starting September 20, for 3 days, I’m offering a mini-training that will show you how to plug the profit leaks in your business so that you can stop leaving money (and time) on the table!

AND I won’t be talking about the obvious profit and time wasters!  Here’s a hint – on day 2, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on ‘reputation dilution’ and how this is costing you profit and time!

Each day in This workshop, Uncover Hidden Profit & Time Saboteurs, I’ll help you uncover a different hidden saboteur and share with you both short-term and long-term strategies to implement in your business so that you become more profitable and more efficient.

And these days – we all need that!

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