In 2014, I got on the phone and surveyed 10 successful business owners that I knew with the intention of finding out their key to success. I dutifully wrote out my series of questions and asked them for help. They were only too willing to share some information with me – a business coach who was just starting off!

I still remember one of the most shocking answers I got!

99% answered NO to this one question!

And the sad thing is that today, I still find that the same statistic holds true.

Want to know that one question…

It’s the topic of this week’s podcast, Episode 71 – What 99% of small firms aren’t doing?

While it’s true many of them think that this one strategy doesn’t deserve their time or is too woo-woo for them, I’ve proven over and over again how this one strategy will:

  • Help you focus your efforts – act as your GPS – so you’re not wasting time chasing bright shiny objects
  • Build a workplace culture where your people love coming to work and do their job so well you feel like you’re underpaying them
  • Help your small firm differentiate itself in the marketplace so that your dream clients come to you expecting to pay high ticket prices thus increasing your profits

Over in the show notes for Episode 71, I have a gift for you – download the exact same steps that I use with my private clients for this one strategy!


P.S. Did you really think that I would leave you hanging…. No. The one question 99% said no to is…

Do you have a clear, written 4-5 year vision/plan for your business?

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