Yes – it’s true. I spent the weekend at a real estate investing boot camp with a hundred or so other entrepreneurs who are motivated to change their lives so they have more freedom and wealth.

What does that have to do with you and your business?


Serious real estate investors are like any other high-achieving business owner….they have goals! Big goals!

You have specific, written goals for this year, and for the next 2-5 years, right?

Do you sometimes have trouble reaching them?

Sometimes, I do.

If you’ve listened to my podcast last week here, you know that we have big changes coming for you starting this week. I have big goals and I’m determined to reach them.

Here are 3 powerful steps to achieving your goals that I learned at the boot camp and which you can apply as well:

1.  WHAT – Be clear and specific about your goals. If you’re anything like me, you want more balance in your life (more time with family, better relationships, better health, more money, etc.)  But ‘more’ isn’t specific enough! Take a journal and start writing specifically how you want ALL of your life to truly look and feel. And then read and review your goals daily.

2.  WHO – Who do you need to become in order to match the life that you desire? Look at yourself in the future… If you want ‘more’, then you have to become ‘more’…. be very specific about how you would dress, eat, look in the mirror, etc.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Have you ever gotten dressed up for a party or event, then looked at yourself in the mirror and said – WOW, I look great! When you start acting more confidently – you probably even walked out the door with a new swagger! You felt different; you looked different!

So WHO do you need to become to live the life you desire?

3.  ACTION – Take action to become that person (the future you) NOW. Lots of people want (hope, dream) about a new life but very few are willing to take action today to make the changes necessary. Action, despite fear, will make you unstoppable.

So you’re probably asking, what does that have to do with my podcast relaunch…


Let’s go through those 3 steps again:

1.  WHAT – Early this year, I niched down and became very specific about who I wanted to work with in my business and what I wanted my business to look like (Monday and Fridays off yet still earning 6-figures+). I have a very specific and written vision for my coaching business.

In order to grow/scale my business, I will need to attract specific new clients. I had to make some changes across my business – hence my podcast changes.

In this week’s episode here, I share how two business owners, in exactly the same industry, built very different businesses – one was clear on what they wanted; the other, not so much!!

2.  WHO – Who did I need to become to intentionally grow my business? That took some thinking… I decided I needed to become a more visible, confident leader… stop fearing judgment, and step into my true potential. I decided I had to uplevel – again.

In upcoming episodes of my podcast, you might hear some changes in my attitude (more confident) and you’re going to hear that I’m becoming more visible!

3.  ACTION – Yes, I had to take action now (not 6 months from now but right now). Yes, my podcast changes are meant to enhance the marketing of my brand but they are also meant to serve my ideal audience in the best possible way. So change was necessary!

So my friends, if you want to achieve your BIG goals, are you willing to go through these 3 steps?

Are you willing to put in the ‘unsexy’ work so you can have the sexy results??

I’d love to hear back from you about HOW you can apply these 3 steps!


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