For most small business firms, creating any type of content often seems to be an arduous job – one most entrepreneurs would rather avoid.

Perhaps you’ve felt as though you’ve got much more important activities in your business rather than writing blogs, speaking on videos, recording podcast episodes or even posting on social media. I totally get it!

But here’s what I’ve learned in 40 years of business… Your prospects are reading/watching/listening to someone’s content – if it’s not yours, it’s your competition’s content.  Wouldn’t you rather they read your content?

Of the 5 core entrepreneurial activities, too many business owners put a low priority on marketing (and would rather invest their time doing low-value administrative tasks or even customer fulfillment or customer service).  But as the Visionary CEO/leader of your business – you need to spend your time driving your business forward and that means marketing.

Content creation is marketing.

Awesome content creation has these 5 key qualities:

1.  It’s produced consistently to increase the know-like-trust factor between you and your prospect.

2.  It provides answers to your dream prospect’s biggest questions so it positions your brand as the authority they must hire.

3.  It also provides thought leadership i.e. it opens their minds to a different way of thinking rather than repeating the same-old information that everyone in your industry creates.

4.  One great piece of content can be repurposed and re-used on different platforms.

5.  It encourages the reader/listener to take immediate action i.e. purchase, read something else, or book an appointment.

Because creating awesome content is important to me (and my brand), you’ll be seeing some BIG changes to my podcast and I outline them in this week’s episode #69 here.

But my podcast isn’t about me – it’s about YOU. So as I outline these improvements to my podcast, I share with you the WHY I’m changing things – and for each of these reasons, I’m also asking you whether you might consider some area of your business where you could apply these improvements!

Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, or other service-based expert, you are the VISIONARY leader of your business and it’s your role to ensure that your brand is positioned as the go-to authority (or as I like to call it, the Undeniable Authority).

Creating awesome content can certainly help you do that!

Watch for upcoming changes to the GROW EQUATION business podcast including a new name, new artwork, new focus, and some new ways for you to join my podcast and raise awareness of your brand!!

I’m super excited and will be hosting an online party – on March 24 at noon ET where I’ll be live streaming on Facebook and LinkedIn and you’ll have a chance to win prizes and join me live!


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