Learning about words and their impact has been a lifelong experience for me. There are the words we say, and words we think – and they are often closely related!

I can still remember my mother used to say, “There’s no such word as can’t”!  From that short phrase, she instilled in her children that anything was possible and that excuses weren’t acceptable.

In 2007 as my daughter recovered from chronic fatigue, I learned again how powerful the words we say are important for they mimic our thoughts and impact our actions (you can read more about this in my book: Shift into Rich here).

In 2016, I was fortunate to attend a Bob Proctor event! At that event, I sat at a table with Oscar-winning producers, best-selling authors, and 7-figure earners once again learning that the words in our mind impact our actions.

When it comes to the marketing and growth of your business WORDS MATTER! These are the words that your prospect reads or hears from you. In this week’s podcast episode here,  I share with you how 6 little words could be slowing your business growth! Sounds dramatic, right? But it’s so true!

The more you pay attention to the words you use, the more others will pay attention to you!

Can you guess what these little words are?

HINT: None are bigger than 4 letters!


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