There are too few women business founders generating 6 or even 7-figure revenue. While there are a ton of reasons for that, it’s not what I want to talk about today!

I want to talk about what needs to change so that more than 2% of women business owners generate 6 & 7 figures!

Often when it comes to business growth, governments and agencies provide supplemental funding and programs i.e. there are grants and programs for:

  • Women business owners in manufacturing and technology.
  • Programs for employees in service-based industries but not the founder or CEO.
  • Funding for diverse groups (immigrants, blacks, etc).

But in lieu of funding and programs, how can we collectively increase the number of women entrepreneurs in the 2% Club?

We can band together!

We can support each other.

We can create more community!

In my chat with Anthea Mumby in this week’s podcast episode here, we chat about numerous topics including:

  • Being a woman in a male-dominated industry – did you know there was an association for those (
  • Her tips for how we as women founders can support each other!

I’d love for you to listen and share this episode!


P.S.  Sometimes the universe gives us hints that we are on the right track! I had a little chuckle when I noticed recently a colleague of mine blogged about Mark Schaefer’s new book, Belonging to the Brand: Why community is the last great marketing strategy! There it is – community! It will be next on my reading list!

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