As we were growing up, my sister, my brother and I knew that there was one word we were forbidden to say. While it was perfectly understood that there was to be no swearing, my mother would remind us that ‘there’s no such word as _____”.   Whether it was when we gave excuses as to why we couldn’t finish our chores on time; or do our homework; or any other excuse, she always reminded us about this word.

Even today, many years after her passing I can still hear her repeat her famous saying – you might say it was her legacy to me. It instilled in me an optimism that anything is possible. Her words live in my head almost every day.

My mother was famous for saying, “There’s no such word as CAN’T”.  In other words, to her – everything was possible if you say it’s possible. Upon reflection, my mother knew that the words you say out loud are a reflection of your inner thoughts.

Your thoughts create the words you say.
Your thoughts create your decisions.
Your decisions create your actions.
Your actions create your reality.

The words we say matter. Over the next week or so, listen carefully to yourself and to others for the words they are saying.

Are you hearing words such as:

  • Can’t
  • Should
  • Hope
  • Wish
  • Never
  • Just
  • Might?

Words like that imply negative thinking, and perhaps even a lack of self-belief.

Here’s an example of how this might show up for you (or you might hear from someone else):

  • I wish I could…
  • I should … do more FB lives or videos (but …)
  • I just need to get organized before I do more FB lives.
  • I can’t do FB lives on my personal page because …

If you read my book, Shift Into Rich, you’ll remember roadblock #7:

Every business owner has two inner voices: the inner critic and the inner wise person. To be successful, the entrepreneur must be aware of which voice is driving the business decisions and must ensure that the inner critic is kept to a minimum.

In this chapter, I refer to my daughter and her struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Her recovery was due to the impact of the changes in her thoughts and beliefs. Her recovery was a true demonstration of the power of thoughts and words.

So, my question to you this week is …

How and where are your inner critic and possibly negative words showing up in your business?

How is your inner critic blocking you from the success that you desire?

Are you deliberately avoiding something that could help you because you’re afraid you’ll fail?

Are you avoiding something because you’re afraid you’ll succeed but then:

  • you find yourself too busy,
  • you have to do something you’re uncomfortable with or
  • you don’t know who you will BE with success?

It’s not good enough that women start businesses at a faster rate than men. They also fail faster.

It’s my mission to help you become successful, whatever success means for you!

In order to be successful – we have to believe that our next level of success is possible. We have to make uncomfortable decisions!



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