For research for a chapter in a book I’m writing, I’ve been asking business owners of ALL sizes to share with me their thoughts on the #1 thing that holds entrepreneurs back from achieving their next level of success.

So I’ll ask you. What do you think is the biggest contributor to business owners not reaching their next level of success? (Feel free to hit reply and send me your thoughts).

  1. Do you think it’s lack of funding?
  2. Do you think it’s lack of a particular skill?
  3. Or perhaps lack of a marketing strategy to generate leads?
  4. Or perhaps lack of belief that they can do it?

Despite the answers I’ve googled, business owners themselves tell me that it’s about their own lack of belief that they can do it!   In responding to my question, topics such as self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear all pointed to business owners’ inability not just to see their own potential but to realize it.

This whole topic resonates with me as it’s actually my own story about disbelief and being stuck. Even though I had been a business owner for more than 20+ years, when I started my coaching business, my own inability to believe in myself kept me stuck.  My lack of self- belief kept me:

  • Undercharging for my programs
  • Invisible on social media
  • Working way too hard for too little money, and
  • Over producing content that sounded just like everyone else’s content.

Instead of showing up brilliantly, I was…

  • Constantly hustling to get new clients instead of clients being strategically attracted to me
  • Constantly allowing myself to be distracted with new ideas of new programs or new product creation instead of focusing and strengthening my true gift
  • Not getting the true deep results and impact with my clients that I desired

Perhaps some of this sounds familiar to you?  If it does, you are not alone!  Truthfully, over the years in my coaching, I’ve seen far too many women business owners stay in this struggle mode unable to reach their next level of success.  And they’re not just coaches or consultants! More often than not, women owning 7-figure and multiple 7-figure businesses are stuck there too.

You might be saying, “well Diana that’s fine for you but how do I gain my own self belief?”  I’ve got your back. Over the next weeks and months, I plan on sharing with you how I shifted my own self-belief and how I help others do the same.

Let me be clear. I’m not saying that I’m shifting to talk just about ‘mindset’ and your inner belief in yourself, what I am talking about is how you can work from your inner strength – your true inner genius and gain self-belief by getting into the right kinds of action.

The best way I know how to explain this is with an example of my client whom I’m going to call Cynthia. Cynthia originally met me at a small, local, networking event where I was speaking but didn’t really reach out to me until several years later.  She was sick and tired of her professional business not being profitable.  She had been in this profession for 10 years; had several staff; but was doing the hustle. Working long hours and even weekends. Her health was also showing signs of her exhaustion.

For many reasons, it took Cynthia and I almost a year to turn her business around.  Covid intervened; staff left; changes to working from home; and a messy spousal relationship didn’t help. But soon the results were in – Cynthia reported a four-time monthly increase in revenue; profit levels skyrocketing; staffing increases; no working weekends and best of all, her health was improving.

So, what was the real reason for the transformation in this business?  There were five big contributing factors (outside of the fact that she increased her fees and started building strong strategic alliances):

1.  Cynthia differentiated her business! Instead of trying to be a generalist in her profession, and even though she practiced in a small town, I encouraged her to serve a small narrow niche. This differentiated her business from others in her industry and in her town. It also happened to be her hobby – the thing she loved – and it was her zone of brilliance. This allowed her business to work with a group of individuals who understood her unique brilliance and who were willing to pay for it.

2.  She started to believe that her unique brilliance was of value. In fact, during a coaching session, she thanked me for believing in her during all of these changes. She realized that I held a super strong belief in her UNTIL she could see it for herself. Throughout this process, she worked on her business taking action that was truly uncomfortable but trusting in the process.

3.  Cynthia created a detailed 3-year vision for her business (which I now call a Great Big Vision). By being very specific with details of what she truly desired, then together mapping out a strategy for HOW the details would come together, aligned with her unique brilliance.

4.  Cynthia kept implementing even though she made mistakes and even though it was often scary. She hired two new staff during the pandemic when others were making layoffs. She kept working strategically on the actions that would get her closer to Great Big Vision.

5.  Cynthia didn’t do it alone! Every great thought leader, game-changer, and successful entrepreneur knows the value of having a coach (I didn’t do it alone either. I had coaches who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, but they helped me hold my vision and work strategically so that I could reach the next level of success. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the constant support of a coach).

What Cynthia accomplished in a year was transformational and I’m so proud of her accomplishments. BELIEF that she can do it was at the core of her success.  Once she believed in her brilliance, success was inevitable!

Originally, Cynthia’s lack of self-belief impacted every aspect of her business, but was most pronounced in the areas of:

  • Monetization
  • Visibility
  • Focus
  • Content creation
  • Freedom

My own lack of self-belief did the same!  For years, I undercharged; played small; didn’t focus on my true brilliance; created content that sounded like every other marketing strategist; and had no freedom. That has stopped for me. What about you? Are you ready for your next level of success?

Your success is inevitable. And it’s not about fancy sales funnels; guru marketing or paid advertising.  Sure, there are some skills to learn but the key is to believe in yourself.

Remember as a child, you believed in the Tooth Fairy and remember the excitement and anticipation that the Tooth Fairy would place a gift under your pillow? Remember how strongly you believed that Santa Claus would come down the chimney and leave presents?

Perhaps it’s time to believe that you’re an expert and can be highly paid?

Perhaps it’s time to BELIEVE that you have something extraordinary to share with the world?



P.S.     If you’re sick and tired of not reaching your next level of success, then book a Growth Strategy Session here! I know you can do it!

P.P.S.  Join me on FB Live on Thursday where I’ll share 10 Belief Shifts to Help Make your Success Inevitable.


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