In my youth, I begged my parents to let me take piano lessons.

And eventually, they gave in. They found me a 2nd hand piano for practice. I was so excited the day it was delivered. Then they found a piano teacher!!!

The teacher came to our home and said to my parents, you have a choice as to how to proceed – Do you want me to teach Diana to play a song or to become a musician?

You see most piano courses were offered two different ways – either a short series of weekly lessons where truly most students learned just to play a couple of songs or where students looked forward to years of practice to MASTER the piano and truly become a musician. I only wanted to play a couple of songs.

Years later as a young adult, the tables were turned – I became the teacher. An equestrian teacher. I had been riding horses (and competing) since I was five. Each summer I spent hours riding my ponies. I became an equestrian after hours and hours on horseback. I rode from intuition and muscle memory; I just knew what to do.

When I became a riding teacher, I soon realized that there would be a HUGE difference in results of my student depending on how often they actually rode. If they came for a lesson once a week – it was going to take a long time to truly master the sport. However, those that took a lesson once a week and rode daily would advance so much quicker.

Even though a teacher can make a recommendation for how to get the best results – it is ultimately up to the student.

The point here is…… transformation of any type takes time!

In a short time, you’ll learn a song but won’t become a musician.

A weekly riding lesson isn’t enough to truly master horseback riding.

Just eating one salad won’t transform your weight situation.

So, which are you creating for your clients?

Are you teaching them ONE song? Teaching them one tactic or one part of what they might need to truly solve their problem. That’s what happens most often in the coaching industry.

Or are you teaching them a total transformation – or how to become a musician where you would understand the nuances of the music!!??

Transformation requires:

  • Skill mastery (over time)
  • Individual strategy to reach the desired outcomes
  • Mindset to be open and welcoming to change

If you’re a coach or any type of transformational service provider, are you offering your services in a way that truly gets the best results?

Have you mastered the skill of offering ONE core compelling offer over a period of time that gives your clients the best opportunity for transformation?

Over the years, I’ve learned that my clients get the best results with my CORE OFFER – (also known as signature program or flagship program).

Many programs out there will teach you to play a song (they are tactical) but if you’d rather transform your business or shift to the Next Level of Success, then let’s chat.  Book your call here.



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