Just this past week, I was given 3 minutes to brag about myself and my accomplishments. What was my first thought – yuck!

How would you feel if you were given 3 minutes to brag about your successes?

  • Would it make you feel uncomfortable?
  • What would you brag about?
  • Would you talk about your family?
  • Would you talk about what you are f**king great doing?

So what is the difference between bragging and celebrating?

I believe that the word brag brings with it negative connotations that come from our culture – we are taught to be quiet; not be seen; not be heard; be good little girls, etc.

However, the word celebrate seems more acceptable. We celebrate milestones such as birthdays. We celebrate accomplishments such as a book launch success or our clients’ accomplishments.

For me – this week, in particular, is a combination of both bragging and celebrating as I outline this in this 100th episode of the WorkLessPROFITmore podcast!!! Check it out here!


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