Maybe you’re asking ‘what the heck is a digital footprint?” and that’s okay! Let’s clarify that right now!

In today’s chaotic online business world, your digital footprint is simply your online reputation.

According to Google, your digital footprint means…”Whenever you use the internet, you leave behind a trail of information known as your digital footprint.”.  A digital footprint grows in many ways – for example, posting on social media, subscribing to a newsletter, leaving an online review, or shopping online.

But let’s focus on your BUSINESS digital footprint which is more likely social media and your website.

What does it say about your business? What are people saying after they visit your social media sites and your website?

Is there brand consistency throughout?

If there is a lack of brand consistency, you are probably losing business and working way too hard for the business that you are actually attracting!

If there is a lack of brand consistency, visitors might get the general impression that your business has no consistency. You aren’t up to date; you don’t do what you say, etc.

Have you ever visited someone’s social media profiles; seen their picture and then met them face to face but you didn’t recognize them? A lack of consistency.

Or my personal favourite – you meet someone at a networking event, they give you their name and you look them up on social media to stay connected. However, you can’t find them! Why? Because they have a different name on social media – it might be hyphenated; it might be shortened. Lack of consistency!

Have people asked to connect with you on social media and you check their ‘pages’ only to find out that the last time they posted was two years ago – to me, this might indicate they’ve gone out of business.  Lack of consistency.

Have you ever gone to someone’s website and been so confused about what they do that you just click away? Lack of consistency.

Or perhaps their website looks old and out of date. Then what’s your impression? Of course, your impression is that their business is old and out of tune with today’s market! Lack of consistency!

Unfortunately, my friends, a messy digital footprint is all too common.

Business owners are often too busy and too overwhelmed to pay attention to that particular part of their reputation….and it’s costing them business, BIG TIME!!!

My dear friend, Geneviève Rochon is my secret weapon for MY digital footprint and those of many of my clients. That’s why I invited her to my Work Less PROFIT More business podcast episode 99 (here) to help us understand that a brand isn’t just your logo, and the importance of an outstanding, consistent digital footprint.

If you want a stellar online reputation, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Brand consistency helps you work less for the business you attract!


P.S. I need some help naming my upcoming retreat/mastermind….Comment below and let me know your thoughts:

  1. Shift Into Joy (using ‘shift’ from my previous event name)
  2. Grow Into Joy (using ‘GROW’ from the Grow Equation)
  3. Magical Joy (there’s some ‘magic’ that’s going to happen)
  4. Magical Mastermind Retreat

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